Update On Renee Young, WWE Non-Compete Clause And Joining AEW

WWE's Renee Young has officially left the company, but is looking for opportunities elsewhere. But is she heading to AEW?

There has been plenty of speculation about former WWE wrestler Renee Young joining AEW. Now, the commentator has given an interview elaborating on her future plans.

Former WWE Commentator Renee Young Hints At Future Wrestling Role

WWE Renee Young could be joining AEW

In a recent interview, Renee Young has hinted at joining AEW or another wrestling promotion. When asked about her skill set, she mentioned it would be “kind of dumb” not to use what she learned.

Despite the skills she has, she did mention that putting her on commentary would not be the right move. In fact, it seems she has no interest in being a commentator again. 

“I don’t think that putting me on commentary is the right move. Even when I started doing commentary, I was stoked to do that but it was never a goal of mine. My dreams are not dashed by not being on commentary. I tried to pitch to the head writers of SmackDown to use me like UFC uses Megan Olivi, and she feels like an important part of the broadcast. I think that roaming reporter type of role would be awesome with any wrestling company.”

Of course, this does not mean she will not join AEW. However, she could join in another reporter role, and we cannot wait to see what this would mean. 

Non-Compete Clause Throwing A Spanner In The Works

Renee Young

However, Renee Young moving from the WWE to AEW will not happen anytime soon. She is currently subject to a non-compete clause. 

During the interview, Young admits she has no idea about the duration of the clause. She even mentioned she might not be legally allowed to mention it. 

Despite that, Young hinted that the duration might be in or around a year. In other words, if Young does make the move to AEW, it will not happen for at least another year.

Wrestling fans have also started speculating about a future job for Renee Young. While the large majority are supporting the AEW theory, some believe she would be better of working at ESPN or another larger sports channel.

There is no denying that Renee Young contributed to female sportscasters being taken more seriously. So, I would not rule out a role at ESPN or another big station out for her.

Of course, there could be a personal motivation for Renee Young to leave WWE and seek other employment. That personal motivation could be none other than the current AEW Champion Jon Moxley.

Moxley left the WWE some time ago and has been making waves at AEW since. Naturally, since Renee Young and Jonathan Good (Jon Moxley) are married, it is not unlikely that they want to be on the same promotion. 

If Renee Young does make the switch, we will not know until a year down the line. At the moment, we suspect she is still bound to confidentiality to a certain degree.

At the moment, we do not rule out a move to AEW, albeit in a different role than commentator. 

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