Herschel Walker Offers The NFL A Lesson In The Consequences Of Social Justice

The former football player Herschel Walker responds to the NFL's social justice push, saying "there shouldn't be politics in sport."

Over the past few weeks, the NFL has gone full “woke” as the league attempts to support the radical left’s social justice agenda in every way possible. Now, legendary NFL star Herschel Walker is firing back to remind the highly paid NFL that politics has no place in the world of sports.

This isn’t the first time Herschel Walker showed his pro-America colors. He’s one of the few open conservatives in the pro sports world. And he’s troubled by what he’s seeing in the NFL.

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NFL Goes All In With Social Justice Push

Since the NFL resumed games a few days ago, players have been kneeling during the national anthem and worn decals on their helmets featuring the names of police brutality victims.

The NFL has also started playing “Lift Every Voice And Sing”, the black national anthem. Adding insult to injury, NFL players are showing this song more respect than the “Star Spangled Banner”. 

The end zones have even be done to feature social justice messages on “End Racism” on them, ensuring that viewers can never forget about the liberal cause while watching games.

The Heisman trophy winner, however, is not having any of it.

Herschel Walker Wants To Know Roger Goodell’s End Game

“First of all, it’s great unity but as I said early on, there shouldn’t be politics in sport,” Walker told Fox News host Martha MacCallum.

He questioned whether or not NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has thought enough about where all this is going. 

“What’s the end game?” he asked. “The players do have a right to protest, but they must realize that fans have a right to protest as well. So if they boo, you can’t be upset. If they don’t watch the show, you can’t be upset.”

Fans have indeed been silently and “peacefully” protesting in their own way by turning off their televisions and not watching the NFL at all. This has been shown by NFL ratings plummeting ever since this social justice push began. 

Hershel Walker Explains Why NFL Protests Won’t Accomplish Anything

Not stopping there, Walker added that these protests will not bring about the end goal that the players claim to be fighting for. Instead, the only thing that will accomplish real change is taking action. 

“Instead of everybody having their folded arms and closed fists, why don’t we have an open hand?” he asked. “We all come together, and I’d love to go with you, the NFL, all major league sports, let’s go to Washington. Let’s get the Democratic, let’s get the Republican people together.”

Though Walker is right about this, he also knows that the radical left has no intention of actually bringing about unity, and the last thing they want is for Democrats and Republicans to come together.

Instead, they want us to be more divided than ever before so that they can continue to dismantle the institutions that made America so great in the first place. 

These days I am increasingly thankful for any person who attempt to inject an ounce of sense in the national dialogue.

You can watch Herschel Walker attempt to knock some sense back into the NFL in the video below.

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