Edge entering royal rumble

Wrestling fans were ecstatic when Edge returned earlier in 2020, but crushed when the Hall of Famer suffered an injury at Backlash. Edge’s return date remains unsettled, but he’s focused on getting back.

Also, what is the latest on Matt Cardona’s AEW status?

Edge Return Date Delayed

Edge made a surprising return in the 2020 Royal Rumble, and followed that with matches at WrestleMania and Backlash. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury at Backlash, and Edge’s return date remains unsettled.

Edge recently spoke on the Busted Open podcast, and one of the main topics that was touched on was his eventual return.

To be blunt, there is no date yet, and it doesn’t sound like Edge is particularly close, either.

edge return remains unsettled

In discussing things, Edge mentioned that this recovery was taking longer than he would like. To be fair, most people who have to rehab from injuries want to be back to normal far faster than actually possible.

Edge said that he is making sure to not rush his recovery, and ultimately he will be back when he gets the green light from his doctors. He attributes the recovery timeline partly to his age-he will be 47 shortly.

Getting old can suck…

Unfortunately, as we get older, we don’t always bounce back as quickly as we did when we were younger. The Rated R Superstar compared his triceps injury now, to his Achilles injury from 12 years ago. 

In that instance, he returned in six months, which is incredible for an Achilles injury. Depending on the severity, such a recovery timetable tends to be more on the 9-12 month timeframe.

So, we still don’t know when we get to see Edge return. To be honest, part of me is hoping they keep it quiet and give us yet another awesome return, much like we had in Houston for the Rumble.

The challenge, of course, is such a return was epic in part because it was in front of fans. Currently, there is no known timeframe for when fans will be back at WWE events, especially a packed house for a major PPV.

Whenever he does return, plenty of fans are looking forward to it.

Matt Cardona AEW’s Status

Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder in WWE, arrived in AEW not that long ago. Notably, he only signed a short term deal…so what is Matt Cardona’s AEW status?

Per Matt Cardona himself, speaking on the Pro Wrestling Junkies podcast, right now he’s a free agent again. His contract expired on September 5 following the All Out PPV.

Now, that doesn’t mean that Cardona is done with AEW. On the contrary, he was very complimentary of his experience with the upstart promotion.

In his words:

“That’s the place to be right now. To be there even for a month, and do a couple of matches, was a lot of fun. It was great to just be out there and be myself again. Hopefully, we’ll do it again soon,”

Based on his comments, it sounds like he would be thrilled to sign a longer term deal with AEW. It is at least somewhat surprising that he wasn’t signed to one from the get-go.

Other recent former WWE talents now calling AEW home, such as Miro and Brodie Lee, all appear to have signed longer term deals.

Cardona may have preferred the flexibility, mentioning that once the pandemic related restrictions subside, he would love to work overseas with New Japan, among others.

Either way, it seems like domestically, if you want to see Matt Cardona work, it will either (eventually) be at some indie show, or back with AEW.

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