WWE Eddie Guerrero's Daughter Shaul Guerrero

Being the daughter of legendary WWE wrestler is not easy. Just ask Eddie Guerrero’s daughter Shaul, who only recently returned to pro wrestling.

NXT Days And Eating Disorder Battle

Shaul, Guerrero is thinking of wrestling again

Shaul Guerrero has a knack for wrestling, and she certainly inherited some talent from her famous father. Unfortunately, her time in NXT did not translate to a main roster opportunity.

When wrestling for Florida Championship Wrestling between 2010 and 2012, Shaul wrestled under the name Raquel Diaz. On the brand, she was quite successful and eventually became the Queen of FCW.

FCW eventually became NXT and Raquel continued her journey. She would leave the brand twice, once in 2012 and once in 2014.

In 2014, it was revealed that Eddie Guerrero’s daughter Shaul left the company because of an ongoing eating disorder. Since then, Shaul has not been fully focused on wrestling. 

Burlesque Dancer

Shaul worked as a Burlesque dancer

While away from wrestling, Shaul tried her hand at a number of different opportunities.

One of the more surprising was her career as a burlesque dancer. In 2018, she started to perform under the name Miss Nyxon.

While it may seem like an odd career move, Shaul did enjoy some success. She appeared in the annual Maxim Cover Girl contest and finished third in the Southwest Group Twelve. 

Now, it seems Shaul wants to return to her career as a pro wrestler. Since leaving the WWE in 2014, she only worked as a commentator and ring announcer. 

Despite some lackluster experience over the past couple of years, she can add promotions such as Lucha Underground to her repertoire. 

Taking Bookings Again

Shaul is looking for bookings

Aiden English, who is Shaul’s husband, made the announcement on Twitter. Shaul and Aiden English got engaged in December 2014 and married in 2016.

Based on the announcement, Shaul is not solely looking for gigs as a wrestler. She is also looking for ring announcing and management jobs.

And there could be some opportunities for Shaul in AEW. Not only does her mum Vickie Guerrero work for the promotion at the moment, she has done some announcing for them before.

Shaul announced for AEW for the women’s tag team tournament. Of course, it remains to be seen if such an opportunity is available for her at All Elite Wrestling.

There has been some speculation about Shaul coming into AEW as a manager. Since her mum manages Nyla Rose, it could make for some interesting storylines if she chooses a rival competitor. 

And Shaul would also be an interesting addition to The Dark Order. Being one of the few other strong factions in All Elite Wrestling, having another female addition to the mix would be interesting.

Given what she struggled with over the years, I do hope Shaul gets a break at one of the bigger promotions such as AEW. She certainly has the talent, now she needs the opportunities to regain her footing in the mainstream pro wrestling industry.

For now, we wish Shaul the best of luck in her future endeavours.

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