California School sexual education

Parents in a California school district are outraged right now as a school is moving forward with plans for a radical sexual education course for middle schoolers that will involve them being given lessons on how to choose their gender, information about abortion providers, and even “condom demonstrations.”

California School District Adopts Controversial Sexual Education Curriculum

Local news outlet Noozhawk reported on the controversy which is taking place in the Santa Barbara Unified School District.

After listening to more than 80 speakers during a hearing last week, the district unanimously voted to approve the controversial Teen Talk sexuality education curriculum. 

Teen Talk is known for including talk about condoms, anal sex, and masturbation.

It also “provides information on gender roles, relationships and sexuality; provides information about where to obtain reproductive health care; encourages parent and trusted-adult communication; incorporates multiday parent/trusted-adult interview homework assignment for students; and gender inclusive language,” according to Noozhawk. 

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One of the speakers at the hearing was former supermodel Kathy Ireland, who remembers Planned Parenthood coming to her driver’s education class in high school. Planned Parenthood then “told students they could have an abortion and their parents would never have to know.”

This memory has made her firmly against Teen Talk. 

“Teen Talk violates Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith,” Ireland said. “It violates science. It oversexualizes our children, and it violates our precious children and it does not deal with the aftermath.”

Board Member Defends Teen Talk

While many parents expressed problems with Teen Talk, the board voted to teach it in Santa Barbara schools after all. 

“I support the adoption of the Teen Talk curriculum,” said board member Kate Ford. “I know it’s not perfect, but I also know when it is implemented, our teachers will no doubt modify it to make it stronger and more meaningful.”

She added that Teen Talk will give students essential information “so that they are able to validate their feelings and take control of their lives and their decisions as they approach adulthood.” 

Ford said that as someone who has taught sexual education herself, she has thoroughly reviewed the Teen Talk curriculum and found it to be “accurate, nonjudgmental and inclusive. It does not promote sex. It does promote conversations between students and parents.”

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Sexualization Of Children Needs To End

This comes at a time when children in this country are being sexualized like never before. Last week, we reported on the new Netflix movie Cuties, which glorifies 11-year-old girls twerking in sexually revealing outfits.

Making this situation even worse is that the leftwing mainstream media has rallied to defend the film, which just goes to show how acceptable the sexualization of children is becoming in this country. 

This has gone way too far at this point, and enough is enough. The sexualization of minors needs to end, and if we don’t put a stop to it soon, we are doomed as a society. 

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