Graceland vandalized

Nothing is off limits anymore, not even Graceland. Vandals tagged Elvis Presley’s beloved home “Black Lives Matter” and “Defund the Police” graffiti. 

Since, Graceland is a major tourist destination, it’s a perfect target for leftwing activists who are willing to destroy anything.

On Tuesday, orange and black spray paint on the stone wall surrounding The King’s Memphis mansion greeted visitors to Elvis’s home.  

Black Lives Matter Graffiti On Graceland’s Famed Stone Wall

In addition to “Black Lives Matter,” these messages –  “F–k Trump,” and “Abolish ICE” – were spray painted at the entrance to Graceland.

Sadly, the anti-police graffiti that includes other liberal action items, covered up handwritten notes from fans that were written on the stone wall over the years.

One night of graffiti destroyed years of tributes.

These leftwing agitators are so hellbent on defunding the police that they are willing to desecrate Elvis’s Presley’s home that brings in about a half a million visitors annually.

It is one of the five most visited homes in the United States. Graceland is the second most famous house in the country, after the White House. 

Rioters are attacking well-known places. They are pulling down statues and desecrating beloved venues with graffiti. Graceland was an easy target for them and they left a hefty bill for clean up costs. 

Tourism Affected By COVID-19 Pandemic

Tourism is down throughout the country due to the pandemic hurting places like Graceland. The vandalism certainly doesn’t help this situation.

But, it does show us the essence of what has become of the Black Lives Matter movement.

They will destroy things that don’t have anything to do with their cause. They seek attention by being destructive. 

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In addition to leaving a costly mess, Black Lives Matter’s wave of destruction is alienating people from their cause.

It’s never a wise move to attack Graceland. Most red-blooded Americans love Elvis Presley. 

Workers began power-washing the graffiti on Tuesday. Sadly, many of the handwritten messages to Elvis by his fans will be washed away as well. 

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