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What Elvis Presley Predicted Days Before His Death Is Chilling

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Over four decades since his passing, Elvis Presley’s popularity remains as his music continues touching and entertaining us, all of these years later.

While many of us were shocked to learn of Elvis’ passing, there certainly were clues. The King’s own words just days earlier foreshadowed and predicted his own death.

On August 14, 1977, Elvis told his stepbrother David Stanley something he will never forget. Elvis was reading his Bible and essentially told his brother it was the last time they would see each other. His brother chalked it up to the fact that Elvis was engrossed in his Bible and thinking about Heaven, but two days later the King was dead.

“The last time I saw Elvis alive was two days before he passed away,” Stanley said in an interview. “I walked into his room and he was reading his Bible. He said ‘David, let me ask you a question, who am I’? I laughed at him and said ‘well you’re the king’, and he said ‘no there’s only one king’ as he held up his Bible.”

But, then Elvis took things a bit deeper and said his final goodbyes to his stepbrother.

“And he said ‘I just want you to know that I love you, David, I won’t ever see you again – the next time I see you will be in a higher place in a different plane’,” he continued.

Just two days later, Stanley found Elvis dead in the bathroom. The King was dead of a heart attack at age of 42.

The world continues being fascinated with Elvis Presley. People still flock to Graceland and play his music. His daughter, Lisa Marie, also just released an album of his Gospel recordings.

Earlier this year, a documentary was released that gave us an insider’s look at Elvis Presley. “The Searcher” didn’t present the fabled story of the beloved star, rather it detailed his highs as well as his lows. It presented him as a real person rather than the entertainer that the music industry wanted us to see. He was a man with flaws, but who loved the Lord.

A trailer for “The Searcher” can be seen below.

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