Bayley Sasha Banks Plans

Following their big split, WWE plans to have Bayley and Sasha Banks battle inside Hell in a Cell. Also, Summer Rae is using the recent mystery vignettes on SmackDown to tease a WWE return. 

Bayley – Sasha Banks Plans

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, several superstars were taken off TV over health concerns or opted not work. That did not include Bayley and Sasha Banks, who were given major pushes.

Over several months, they ended up capturing the Women’s Tag Team Championships, RAW Women’s Championship and SmackDown Women’s Championship. In the matter of a week, they lost the tag titles and Banks dropped the RAW Women’s Championship.

Therefore, only Bayley was left with gold. After failing to reclaim their tag titles, Bayley turned on Banks with a ruthless beating.

While Banks was. briefly written off TV, she will be back on this Friday’s SmackDown to address what happened. WWE had been working on the Golden Role Models split for months, with plenty of teases along the way.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, it was noted how they will likely meet at Hell in a Cell on October 25. WWE could use the Cell to jumpstart the feud as Bayley already has a match for Clash of Champions.

Bayley and Banks have quite the history. They feuded extensively in NXT, putting on several classics.

At Takeover Brooklyn in 2015, Bayley would defeat Banks to claim the NXT Women’s Championship. They followed that classic encounter at Takeover Respect.

On that evening, Bayley retained her title in the first ever 30-Minute Iron Women’s Match.

This feud has been brewing for years, so they might battle well into 2021.

Summer Rae Teases WWE Return

Summer Rae is one of the forgotten main roster stars

Since being released by WWE in 2017, Summer Rae has basically stayed clear of the wrestling ring. She did send out the following tweet, leaving fans to wonder if she is working on a WWE return.

Upon debuting on the main roster, Rae become Fandango’s dance partner. She would start to transition to the role of a wrestler and officially split from Fandango after a year together. 

Going forward, she only worked sporadically and never found a real program. Basically, she got more TV time as part of Total Divas for a few seasons and starring in The Marine 4: Moving Target.

She revealed in November 2016 how she had been out of action, dealing with a slew of injuries. After a year of inactivity, WWE let her go in late 2017.

Lately, SmackDown has been airing vignettes for a mystery women. While the woman’s face has not been seen, many speculated on who it would be.

Chelsea Green, Carmella, Eva Maria and Rae were discussed. Only two of those ladies are still under contract with WWE. 

Although, many believe the mystery woman will be Carmella. On the most recent episode of SmackDown, fans were able to spot a tattoo that is an exact match for Carmella. 

Rae could be working fans as WWE is only hiring big names due to COVID-19, causing them to lose revenue. Recently, they let go of over 60 more names; following April, where 40% of their staff was furloughed or released.

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