Hollywood Is Remaking ‘Blazing Saddles’ To Meet Cancel Culture Standards

Hollywood plans to remake Mel Brooks' comedy classic "Blazing Saddles" into a sanitized version that meets today's cancel culture standards.

The political correctness police are coming for Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles”. This satirical Western comedy is still funny decades after its release, but it doesn’t fit the sanitized requirements of today’s “cancel culture”. And so Hollywood decided to reinvent this 1974 cult classic.

It would be hard to outright ban this Mel Brooks staple starring Gene Wilder. After all, there would be hell to pay as this movie is so loved.

But like “Gone With The Wind”, HBO Max has put a disclaimer on the opening.

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And that’s not all. They are remaking “Blazing Saddles” in a fashion they deem to be less offensive than the original. 

Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles” Mocks Racism

People don’t need a trigger warning for comedy. You either laugh or you don’t.

If you’re offended, you turn it off. Comedy isn’t polite. It pushes the boundaries of politeness. Most people can laugh at themselves. That’s the beauty of true comedy. Nothing is off limits. Everything is fair game because everything is a target of mocking. 

“Blazing Saddles” discussed racial issues in a humorous manner. The show was a spoof of classic westerns which weren’t exactly integrated. The fact that the movie mocks racism isn’t enough to get it a pass from cancel culture. 

HBO Max wants the movie to be put into context before its watched. They don’t believe their audience can handle viewing a comedy without being told it’s actually comedy.

University of Chicago professor and Turner Classic Movies host Jacqueline Stewart was chosen to give the trigger warning before “Blazing Saddles.”

From Deadline

The TCM notice not only provides context to some of Brooks’ characters but also informs audiences about the director’s spoofing ways. Stewart highlights the director’s later genre satires, including Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety andSpaceballs. She continues the prelude saying that the race-centered comedy features “racist language and attitudes” throughout.

“Those attitudes are espoused by characters who are explicitly portrayed here as narrow-minded, ignorant bigots,” Stewart adds. “The film’s real and much more enlightened perspective is represented by the two main characters.”

“Blazing Saddles” Remake

If this wasn’t stupid enough, “Blazing Saddles” is also being remade. You don’t mess with perfection, but that is exactly what liberal Hollywood is doing.

From DigitalSpy:

In 2006, Blazing Saddles was deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” by the Library of Congress and was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. Now, it’s being remade… as an animated film about cats.

The respin will be made with dogs and cats rather than a traditional western scene. It is believed this will make it less racist. Absurd!

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Mel Brooks On Political Correctness

Mel Brooks is not a fan of political correctness. The Hollywood legend knows it has no place in comedy. So you can imagine how the 94-year-old feels about today’s cancel culture.

Not one to mince words, Brooks previously stated that he didn’t believe movies like “Blazing Saddles” could be made today as the PC police wouldn’t allow it.

Brooks said:  

“I’ve never been a fan of political correctness. I’ve been a fan of decent behavior, which is different from political correctness. Because political correctness demands too much respect for being good. And comics are not good. We are bad. We whisper into the king’s ear. We tell him the truth. And that’s our job. It’s our job to say it like it is. And sometimes use the words that we use in the street. You can’t always play ball with the system, you have to strike out and tell the truth.”

A clip from “Blazing Saddles” is below. If you are offended by fart jokes, you might not want to watch…

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