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The politically correct crowd came in search of a classic. HBO Max responded by removing Gone With The Wind from its streaming service. But, the blowback has been so intense that the network was forced to reverse course after a few hours. HBO executives overlooked the historical significance of Hattie McDaniel’s Oscar nod and win. The network’s rash decision also catapulted Gone With The Wind to the top of the Amazon best seller list. 

The beloved movie classic was targeted because it takes place in the pre-Civil War south and depicts former slaves who remain loyal to their previous owners after slavery was abolished.

The movie centers around the romance between Scarlett O’Hara, a Georgia plantation owner’s daughter, and Rhett Butler, a gambler who joins the Confederacy.

Gone With The Wind‘s Hattie McDaniel Is First Black Actress To Win An Oscar

The movie didn’t glorify slavery, but extreme leftist activists don’t want depiction of slavery on our screens. But, in HBO’s haste to cancel Gone With The Wind, these activists have ignored an important part of civil rights history.

Hattie McDaniel was the first Black actress to be nominated or win an Oscar in 1940. 

McDaniel’s emotional acceptance speech for her Academy Award winning portrayal of “Mammy” in Gone With The Wind still is inspiring to watch today.

Everyone in that room recognized the significance of the moment and the breaking down of barriers. This was during segregation but this woman was receiving one of acting’s highest awards.

HBO Max tossed this event aside in attempt to erase McDaniel’s historical performance. 

The Best Supporting Actress’s Oscars introduction was unprecedented as it was said her award would ‘open the door’ and ‘push back the walls’ of that room. It’s quite a significant speech for 1940.

Hattie McDaniels’ acceptance speech can be watched in the tweeted video below. 

We need to learn from history so it doesn’t repeat itself. That important lesson has been lost on these agitators who believe everything need to have a political agenda.

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We are capable of watching a movie without needing a safe space. 

Gone With The Wind‘s Amazon Sales Skyrocket

The blowback to this news was so fierce that sales for the movie skyrocketed. Amazon actually sold out of DVD and BluRay copies of Gone With The Wind as the movie topped the website’s sales chart. 

Even HBO took note of the online comments highlighting the stupidity of this move. Hours after the initial announcement to pull the movie, they reversed course. But, there is a catch.

They will be adding historical context and denunciations of anything they believe is a racist depiction. In other words, this beloved classic movie will come with some sort of trigger warning. 

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