Eric Bischoff's AEW Status

Eric Bischoff’s AEW appearance on Dynamite got the wrestling world talking, but his TNT return was a one time deal. Also, Vickie Guerrero has signed with AEW.

Eric Bischoff’s AEW Status

You never know who will appear on All Elite Wrestling (AEW), with Eric Bischoff being the latest name. He worked Wednesday’s episode in a segment alongside Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy.

To hype their rematch, Bischoff served as the moderator for a debate between the two wrestlers. Consequently, Bischoff declared Cassidy the winner.

As for Bischoff’s AEW future, PWInsider noted how the appearance was a one time deal. Still, the promotion could always decide to bring Bischoff back.

Bischoff’s return was spoiled last week, as the episode was pre-taped. Although, the appearance still got people talking as social media was buzzing. 

Of course, Bischoff’s claim to fame was nearly putting WWE out of business. At one point, Bischoff was the President of WCW, which aired on TNT.

As the story goes, WWE eventually won the ratings war and purchased WCW. 

Bischoff appearing on AEW Dynamite marked his first appearance in about 20 years. While Bischoff made mistakes within WCW, he came closer than anyone to ending Vince McMahon’s WWE.

After WCW closed, WWE made a bold decision in signing Bischoff. He was the general manager of RAW for a few years before being phased out.

Since then, he would make a few appearances on WWE TV. 

Last summer, WWE hired Bischoff as the Executive Director of SmackDown. Within a matter of months, Bischoff was let go and replaced by Bruce Prichard.

In conclusion, AEW made a gamble bringing in Bischoff. Fans might not like him, but his segment went smooth and helped sell Jericho-Cassidy II.

Familiar Name Finds New Wrestling Home

While Vickie Guerrero has made a few appearances for AEW, she became a regular in recent weeks. Currently, Guerrero serves as the manager for Nyla Rose.

For those that are fans of Guerrero, they will be happy to hear she not going anywhere. While speaking to Daily DDT, Guerrero confirmed she has signed an AEW contract.

For now, the specifics were not disclosed in the interview. Although, Guerrero did note how she is happy to close the WWE chapter of her life.

“I retired from WWE in 2014,” said Guerrero. “My focus was not to return to them. We just had a lot of just difference of opinions and things going on.”

“If it wasn’t going to be for AEW, I don’t think I would be anywhere else. But, when AEW presented that there was some opportunity, I gave 100%; just my whole being. I said, ‘I’m here for you and I can’t wait to be a team player with the company.’”

The anger towards WWE does seem warranted. After appearing for AEW in small roles, WWE told their employees to not appear on Guerrero’s podcast.

While brining in a former WWE superstar is not what fans want, she is working with new new talent. Therefore, Guerrero can use her experience to get Rose over without taking TV time away from wrestlers who never worked for WWE.

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