Charlotte Flair Fifth Horsewoman

Everyone knows there can only be four Horsemen, or Horsewomen. Well, who would be Charlotte Flair’s fifth horsewoman?

After being laid off as part of significant WWE cuts, Drake Maverick earned his job back. Now Drake Maverick talks about the jobless angle and some heat he’s taken for it.

Charlotte Flair’s Fifth Horsewoman

Everyone knows there are usually only Four Horsemen (or women). If she could expand, Charlotte Flair’s fifth Horsewoman would be…

How about WWE Hall of Famer Lita? Flair took to her Cameo account to bestow the honor.

Charlotte Flair's Fifth Horsewoman

That is exactly who Charlotte Flair would go with. When I first heard that Flair was naming a hypothetical fifth, I expected it to be someone current, who might actually possibly join.

Looking at the honor from a historical perspective, Lita is certainly a worthy selection.

To recap, the unofficially official WWE Four Horsewomen are Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bayley and Sasha Banks.

We’ve heard plenty of rumblings, for years now, that these four could eventually officially become a stable. That formation is key, for one major reason.

We’ve seen a Four Horsewomen of WWE versus Four Horsewomen of MMA match teased since before Ronda Rousey ever joined WWE.

The two groups had their paths cross during the first ever Mae Young Classic, where Shayna Baszler was a competitor.

In addition to naming Lita as their hypothetical fifth, Charlotte Flair did also name a possible manager for the group.

This one is a bit more surprising, but Flair said she would love to have Alexa Bliss as the group’s manager.

She said it wasn’t a knock on Bliss in the ring, but an acknowledgement that Bliss is a really strong presence. We’ve seen that through her hosting and talk show gigs.

While the fivesome may never actually happen, it’s interesting to think about.

Drake Maverick Talks Jobless Angle

Drake Maverick was on the long list of released Superstars earlier this year. He was kept around for a Cruiserweight tournament, and earned his way back.

WWE NXT Drake Maverick

Now, Drake Maverick talks the jobless angle, including some grief he took because of it.

WWE is never one to let a good story go to waste. When Maverick was released, he posted an emotional good bye video, and from there fans got behind him.

WWE took notice, it seems, and at the conclusion of the NXT-based tournament, Drake Maverick got himself a new contract.

However, some were not too happy that WWE and Drake Maverick had art mimic real life, considering how many people have been losing their jobs lately.

While the negative responses may not be the greatest to read, it’s what happens with wrestling. Especially when Vince McMahon is involved, he finds ways to make his art imitate life more often than not.

At the end of the day, McMahon makes calls on what he thinks will get fans involved. If you loved the redemption arc or hated the jobless angle, either way, WWE likely sucked you in.