California DMV Rejects Pro-Police License Plate: It’s “Offensive”

California DMV rejected a pro-police "thin blue line" vanity license plate request as "offensive" and "threatening". Now, this former cop demands answers.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has rejected a request for a pro-police license plate. California officials took their disdain for men and women in blue by claiming a Thin Blue Line inspired vanity plate displaying “BLUTHINL” is “offensive” and “may be considered threatening, aggressive or hostile.”

Threatening, aggressive, or hostile to whom? Criminals? The left-wing state embraces illegal behavior to the point that it now doesn’t even approve of showing a sign of support to police on license plates. 

DMV Denies Thin Blue Line Vanity Plate Request

Scott Parkhurst has served our nation and his community by serving in the Army as a combat medic and also as a police officer.

So he was shocked when his request for a “BLUTHINL” vanity plate was denied was denied by the DMV. It seems that the Thin Blue Line is offensive to California.

The Thin Blue Line represents that line police officers walk daily between life or death. They risk their lives to protect and serve their communities.

Without them, society could descend into chaos. Maybe that’s what California politicians and bureaucrats want – chaos.

This was not his first pro-police vanity plate. He also has “OFFASIR” and “10CODES.”

Given that his previous license plates were approved, Parkhurst believes this rejection is the DMV bending its knee to the current mob of rioters who want to defund and harm the police. 

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Parkhurst now is demanding the DMV reverse course on its decision and apologize to all officers for saying supporting the Thin Blue Line is somehow a threat. 

“This has to stop,” the former cop said. “I want an apology to all officers. It didn’t just hurt me, it hurt all my brothers and sisters.”

“I was shocked and hurt and felt my freedom of speech and expression was ripped from my gut,” the veteran said. “It wasn’t just a slap in my face, but every current and former police officers’ face.”

Pro-Police License Plate Initially Approved By California DMV

Parkhurst made his request for a vanity plate in March, before the current unrest. It was initially approved, but then the wait began. 

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“Are they trying to say that if I was a civilian and I came up on a car that says BLTHINL, that I would be threatened by that? I’m trying to figure out what’s threatening or offensive,” Parkhurst said.

“I’m trying really hard to [put] myself in the shoes of the DMV’s position. It only means the person who is driving this vehicle supports police officers in general and their families. Just like a ‘BLM person’ supports Black Lives Matters.”

The State of California has a lot of explaining to do. One day, those bureaucrats might need the protection of those police officers they consider so threatening and offensive. 

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