WWE Lana's mom hospitalized

WWE Lana took to social media this week to reveal her mum had been hospitalized with COVID-19. According to Lana. her mom’s condition worsened after a coronavirus diagnosis.

Asking For Thoughts And Prayers

Lana asks for thoughts and prayers after mum's hospitalisation

CJ Perry, better known in the WWE as Lana, asked for thoughts and prayers for her mom. 

According to Lana, her mom was taken into the hospital after she struggled to breathe. Her mom is also an asthmatic, which makes complications from coronavirus more likely. 

Coronavirus is more likely to cause complications in patients with pre-existing conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

Unfortunately, Lana’s mom was dealt a bad hand. However, being asthmatic does not automatically mean a death sentence because of COVID-19.

There are countless people with asthma who’ve beaten the virus in previous months, myself included. 

Singer and celebrity Pink has asthma, too. She was struck with coronavirus a while back and recovered from the virus.

Both Parents Diagnosed With Coronavirus

WWE Lana

Unfortunately, the bad news keeps coming for Lana over these past 24-hours. Now only was her mom diagnosed with COVID-19, her father received a positive diagnosis as well.

Lana admits that she did not expect the diagnosis. She admitted her parents never leave the house, making infection less likely.

Lana’s parents did not have much contact with others. Therefore, it is likely her father got the virus from her mom.

WWE Superstars Sending Messages Of Support

Many superstars posted their messages of support.

Several WWE superstars responded to the news. On social media, they sent their messages of support.

Lana has plenty of support during this COVID-19 scare. Let’s hope Lana’s parents recover from coronavirus okay. 

Coronavirus Impact On The WWE

Coronavirus WWE

The coronavirus had quite an impact on the WWE from an economic standpoint as well as an image point-of-view.

First, there was doubt about the WWE operating normally. And even though many businesses closed down, somehow the company received essential business status.

The WWE was also under fire for its coronavirus testing practices. Basically, their tests proved inaccurate and insufficient.

In recent weeks, WWE stated several wrestlers got a positive diagnosis. However, WWE refused to reveal the names.

Not revealing the names puts talent’s lives at risk. After all, contact tracing is the main source of containing the virus.

Without proper tracing, coronavirus infections cannot be contained. However, WWE remains firm to this day and refuses to reveal the names.

Renee Young was the only employee who came forward about her diagnosis. This also caused Jon Moxley to miss Fyter Fest.

Long story short, coronavirus reaped a path of destruction in the wrestling business. It is a virus that spares nobody.

While deaths decrease worldwide, the danger is far from over. As the world continues the fight against coronavirus, many people remain affected.

Unfortunately, Lana’s family now encounters the coronavirus, too. Ringside Intel sends thoughts and prayers to Lana and her family.

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