Lana Blasts WWE Marketing Team In The Wake Of Rusev’s Release

Lana is staying very much in character, even after her real-life husband Rusev was released from the WWE. Now, she blasts the WWE marketing team.

Despite the release of Lana’s husband Rusev, The Ravishing Russian remained in character this week. This time, she blasted the WWE Marketing Team for not including herself and Bobby Lashley on Monday in the Bank advertising materials.

Lana And Bobby Lashley Left Out Of Money In The Bank Advertising Materials

The WWE marketing team recently released the advertising materials for Money in the Bank. However, the advertising materials are clearly missing Lana and Bobby Lashley.

Lana immediately responded by attacking the marketing team on social media. Given the recent releases in the WWE, you can’t really blame her for fighting for that spotlight.

As it stands, the storyline between Bobby Lashley and Lana seems to be coming to an end. After Bobby Lashley suffered a loss due to Lana, he seems to be distancing himself from the Ravishing Russian.

It remains to be seen if the WWE has something else for Lana to do or if they are working her out to eventually release her. 

Lana Remains In Character After Her Husband’s Release

Lana remains in character after her husband's release

The Ravishing Russian Lana and Rusev are husband and wife in real life. Unfortunately, the WWE released Rusev during the Black Wednesday mass firings.

Despite the release of her husband last week, Lana remained in character throughout. Nevertheless, she posted a couple of messages that hinted at her husband’s release. Here are the tweets in question:

While there were some messages that seemed to support Rusev, Lana could not help but put on another message staying in character. Obviously, fans were quick to respond to her on social media.

As you can read from the tweets, some fans thought Lana should drop the angle with Rusev after his release from the WWE. However, other fans came to her defencs, stating she still had the angle with Bobby Lashley.

But, she may be doing anything she can to keep her job.

The Friendship Between Lana And Natalya

Total Divas showed a clear picture of the budding friendship between Lana and Natalya. In fact, Lana counts on Natalya for support and advice, which was probably needed after Rusev was canned.

As soon as Lana came onto Total Divas, she took to Natalya immediately. Or should we say clung to Natalya immediately?

Since their friendship began, Nattie has been guiding Lana in the world of wrestling, including helping her with training. Unfortunately, Lana still needs a decent singles opportunity in the nearby future.

Nattie is not doing much at the moment, so maybe she could form a tag team with Lana? Yes, the skill levels in terms of wrestling are very different between these two women, but maybe it could work as a gimmick?

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