WWE Hall Of Famer Shuts Down John Cena Critics

A WWE Hall of Famer made it his goal to defend John Cena against his many critics on social media this week. Here is what he had to say.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T took some time to defend John Cena against his critics this week. During WWE After The Bellthe legend praised Cena’s work.

Unlike Any Other WWE Prospect

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T had nothing but good things to say about John Cena

When John Cena rose through the ranks in the WWE, there were many prospects. From Dave Bautista to Randy Orton, the competition was fierce.

In spite of the competition, Cena stood out considerably. This was also noticed by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

The WWE legend mentioned Cena’s dedication to the craft. In doing so, Booker T defended the wrestling legend against his many critics.

This is what WWE Hall of Famer Booker T had to say:

“You can take very very little and make so much of it, which John Cena has done. So many guys just don’t understand that,” explains Booker. “They just bury it if they don’t understand it because they haven’t been taught it, but John was that sat under the learning tree. He made sure he soaked every ounce of that knowledge up.”

The Face Of The WWE

John Cena

For the longest time, John Cena was the face of the WWE. While he now spends his time in Hollywood, his career did not come easy.

John Cena did not come from a wealthy family. However, he took all the opportunities that were given to him along the way.

After his graduation from college in 1998 with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Body Movement. He then moved to Venice Beach, California, to pursue a bodybuilding career.  He also drove a limousine and worked in a Gold’s Gym to keep himself afloat.

A friend from work persuaded him to enroll in wrestling school.

When arriving at the WWE’s developmental company Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), he had to work for every single opportunity. While he signed in 2001, he did not get a main roster debut until 2002.

We all remember the iconic moment when John Cena came out to face Kurt Angle. It left a lasting impression with the WWE Universe as well as backstage management.

From Talented Prospect To Iconic Wrestling Legend

Over the years, John Cena solidified himself as the face of the WWE. Winning numerous championship and being excellent on the mic certainly brought him there.

Despite his many talents, it has not silenced all John Cena’s critics over the years. In fact, many state Cena has a very limited skillset. 

But, Booker claims that Cena constantly looked for advice and was very receptive to it.

Cena himself recently had this to say about critics:

Obviously, John Cena is not one of the most diverse wrestlers. This is certainly the case when you compare him to the likes of Johnny Gargano.

Still, Cena is one of the most successful wrestlers in the business because he used the skills he did have. And he did not just use them, he honed these skills to perfection.

Of course, nobody can deny that Cena is one of the hardest workers out there. And there is no doubt that this work ethic has benefited him greatly over the years.

While Cena will continue to have critics, I highly doubt he cares very much at this point.

The star is currently making huge waves in Hollywood, releasing several films over the past couple of years.

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