Pauley Perrette Is Livid CBS Fired “MacGyver” Showrunner Yet Mark Harmon Remains On “NCIS”

Former "NCIS" star Pauley Perrette just slammed Mark Harmon and CBS after the showrunner for "MaGyver" was fired for abusive behavior on set.

Pauley Perrette just reignited her feud with her former “NCIS” costar Mark Harmon and with the CBS network. The star was set off by the fact “MaGyver” show runner Peter M. Lenkov was fired for his abusive behavior on set.  

Perrette’s character of Abby Sciuto was one of the most popular people on the “NCIS”. But she shocked fans by abruptly leaving the show in 2018.

After her abrupt departure, Perrette was open about how issues on set with costar Mark Harmon and others at CBS led to her decision.

It appears that CBS dismissing Lenkov from “MacGyver” while still employing Harmon on “NCIS” has Perrette on a tear.

Pauley Perrette Blasts CBS And Mark Harmon

TV Fanatic reported that after Lenkov’s firing, Perrette took to Twitter to criticize CBS. The once quirky Abby was quick to point out that, in contrast, nothing has changed on “NCIS” since her departure. 

It is widely believed that when Perrette said “that other guy”, she was referring to Mark Harmon. Who still stars on the hit CBS show.

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Perrette has long claimed that Harmon was abusive on the set of “NCIS”. And so she went about attacking her old costar in more detail as her Twitter rant unraveled.

Enter Sara Gilbert’s Two Cents

According to a subsequent tweet, Perette at some point confided in former “Roseanne” star Sara Gilbert about Harmon’s abuse. The same Sara Gilbert who headlined “The Conners” spinoff after Roseanne’s firing without batting an eye.

“Or as the brilliant small wonder [Sara Gilbert] said to me when I told her ‘But CBS said publicly my story was true’ She said with wise steely eyed precision looking up into my tall giraffe naivety ‘SO? Why is he still there? And you’re not’ I had no answer,” Perrette wrote. “He’s still there.”

Pauley Perrette Uses Mark Harmon’s Initials 

If it wasn’t clear already that Perrette was talking about Harmon, she used his initials of “MH” in her next tweet.

“And good guy Lucas Till a beautiful truthful human, I too went to CBS told about abuse by MH on set & I was asked THREE TIMES ‘are you asking for money?’ I was like ‘Huh? No!’ And I did NOT! I wanted me & my crew to be safe from him. I should’ve and given it to his other victims,” she continued. 

And there are things SO RACIST and SO MISOGYNISTIC and SO HOMOPHOBIC and cruel that were said on set at that show that I have never spoken of because the language is SO HURTFUL,” Perrette concluded. “And y’all wondered why I quit? Those producers are still there. All of them. Including HIM.”

Given “NCIS” is a hit show that has aired on CBS for 17 seasons, it’s developed quite the devoted fan base. And those fans don’t necessarily believe Perrette’s story.

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Since leaving “NCIS” in 2018, Pauley Perrette has been given her own sitcom on CBS called “Broke”.

So it’s somewhat surprising that the actress continues to so blatantly speak out against the network who employs her.

CBS and Harmon have yet to comment on Perrette’s latest claims. 

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