Yesterday, we reported that Pauley Perrette had said that she would never return to the hit show “NCIS” because her costar Mark Harmon allegedly “assaulted” her, leaving her “terrified.” Now, fans of the long-running CBS television show have rushed to Harmon’s defense, saying that Perrette has a long history of lying.

Perrette reportedly accused Harmon of “bodychecking” her as revenge after she requested that his dog not be allowed on set anymore. She allegedly made this request after the canine attacked a crew member so fiercely that the unnamed person needed sixteen stitches. Cheat Sheet reported that while some Twitter users have sided with Perrette, the majority of them have pointed out that she has not shown any proof of the alleged assault at the hands of Harmon, and that she even has a history of lying.

“Yeah, we all know Harmon is a bully,” one social media user tweeted. “But it’s also been proven that Pauley Perrette lies and manipulates, and cast herself as the victim or the martyr, more often than not, whichever the case may be. The “attack” was prob grabbing her arm or cornering her. Like the homeless man.”

Someone else claimed that Perrette was trying to be “respectful” to the show and its fans by not offering any proof of the assault, another fan let loose.

“How is she trying to be respectful?” the fan tweeted. “She slandered co-stars in the past, has a list of false accusations and lies which was proven by official court documents that are available everywhere. She was caught on tale lying. But she, PP for sure knows all about respect. Jesus.”

Based on the backlash that Perrette is receiving, it’s clear that many fans are sick of people accusing others of various types of assaults without having any proof to back up their allegations.

“Truth? What proof has she given?” a third social media user tweeted. “You can’t just slander people to ruin their reputation and there not be consequences. Mark Harmon should sue her. Oh and I don’t follow nor would I. Her lies are in the news. Sounds like she doesn’t like his views. Get over it.”

Harmon himself has yet to comment on these allegations.