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A longstanding football coach was recently fired by an Oregon high school. Sgt. Ken Duilio is “one hundred percent positive” that he was targeted because of his day job as a Portland Police Officer. 

It’s tough being a cop these days as protests against the police have evolved into riots. Some politicians across the country are even demonizing the men and women in blue who protect us and are joining the protests. Portland Police have been put in an incredibly challenging position by local politicians and rioters. 

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Portland Police Under Siege By Riots

In some communities, police officers are persona non grata right now.

That’s what happened to Ken Duilio who’s been a police officer for 23 years. He loved coaching and he is good at it. But, that didn’t matter to the mob who want to defund and destroy the police. 

Duilio spoke out on June 26th at a news conference at North Precinct. Trouble with his coaching job began after that. 

Video of Duilio’s comments at the press conference that put him in the sights of these leftwing agitators can be seen below. 

After this press conference, fliers with Duilio’s picture associating him with police incidents were then stapled around Portland. 

The flier mentioned two incidents the football coach was involved with as a police officer. Both events happened in 2001, almost 20 years ago.

Diulio was one of three off-duty officers assaulted by five gang members. 

The other 2001 incident was Diulio’s shooting of a man. The grand jury declined to indict him and 19 years have passed, but that didn’t matter to these Black Lives Matter activists or the school district where Diulio coached football. 

Sgt. Ken Duilio Told Resign Or Be Fired

A week later, Duilio was hauled into the school district’s office and asked to resign as head coach of the Cleveland High School football team.

He was told they “didn’t see a path moving forward because of pressure they’re getting.” It didn’t matter that he had years of service to the community as a coach and a police officer.

The school district was bending a knee to cancel culture and needed to provide Duilio’s scalp as bounty. 

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The veteran coach refused to resign so he was fired. The school refused to tell him who was putting pressure on them to force him out. 

Scott Idler, who is president of the booster club, said the coach’s firing came as a complete surprise. This further bolster’s the claim that Duilio was fired because of his job as a police officer. 

President of the Portland Police Association, Daryl Turner, also believes the firing was discriminatory because of Duilio’s job as a police officer. 

“He’s built relationships and partnerships with people and youth in the community. He lives in Portland, raises his family in Portland and has helped direct dozens of kids who may otherwise be going a different direction were they not playing football,” Turner stated. “It is a shame and unfair that they fired him based on the fact that he’s a Portland police officer. It is discriminatory and contrary to what they should be teaching kids in school.”

Sgt. Ken Duilio is a veteran football coach in the Portland Interscholastic League.

He hopes to coach again, but he is unsure if that will happen given the current  anti-police environment in Oregon. 

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