New Nation Of Domination

The WWE is planning to recreate one of its most successful factions, the Nation of Domination. In other news, Asuka’s original Summerslam plans are revealed.

New Nation Of Domination

New Nation of Domination

WWE is currently playing with the idea for a new Nation of Domination. This was revealed by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“So there is an idea — I don’t know if if was dropped. Originally it was going to be on the show for a revamping of the Nation Of Domination and Ron Simmons was supposed to be part of that angle, but they dropped that angle for this show. They may be building to it later, they may have dropped it completely. They brought him in for that angle so that’s why he was on television.”

Question remains if the idea was dropped completely. However, considering MVP’s continues involvement, I don’t think that is the case.

Faction Resembling Nation Of Domination

WWE Nation of Domination

The company may be looking at creating a new faction. However, I do not think that the link with the original faction will be that clear.

Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin could become members of that new faction. Unfortunately, I do not think Ron Simmons will be involved.

At the end of the day, it seems WWE does not know what to do with some of these men. Creating a new stable based on the Nation of Domination might not be the worst idea.

Asuka Original Summerslam Plans

There were some major plans for Asuka at Summerslam

The WWE had some major plans for Asuka at Summerslam. However, it seems these plans are now abandoned.

According to the previously mentioned Wrestling Observer Radio, Asuka was supposed to face Natalya at Summerslam. 

WWE changed its stance only recently about the feud. Instead of Natalya, they are now going with Shayna Baszler.

“The idea as of yesterday was for Kairi Sane to be injured and the person who injures her — who by TV tonight looks to be Shayna Baszler and Baszler was brought back as a back-up to injure Kairi Sane and it looks like she’s going to be the back-up because Natalya was originally scripted in that role, but she’s been kept off as far as I know Natalya does not have COVID, but she’s been off for weeks.”

As shown in the statement, Natalya has been out for weeks. It is currently unclear why.

That being said, TJ Wilson suffered a coronavirus infection. As Natalya and TJ Wilson are married, it could mean the company does not want to risk it.

Shayna Baszler Championship Opportunity

Shayna Baszler

Even though Shayna has been in the background, it seems the company changed its mind. Still, rumor is that Vince is not that fond of the former UFC fighter.

If the rumors are accurate, then Shayna does not stand a chance in winning the title. Unfortunately, that could mean the end for her on the main roster.

Baszler took a heavy loss against The Man Becky Lynch. Suffering another loss against Asuka pretty much puts Baszler in the background again.

At this point, it is likely that Asuka will remain champion for the foreseeable future.

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