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Despite recent racist and anti-Semitic comments, Fox is sticking by host Nick Cannon. The network shocked fans by accepting his ‘sincere’ apology and allowing him to continue his hosting gig on “The Masked Singer.” The network’s statement highlights an obvious double standard, particularly after how Roseanne Barr was treated by Hollywood for far less. 

Nick Cannon Makes Racist And Anti-Semitic Comments

Former “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon spewed words reflective of black supremacy. He said ‘whites’ are inferior and incapable of compassion.

Mariah Carey’s ex then took aim at Jewish people by claiming that blacks are the “true Hebrews.” He even called white and Jewish people “the true savages” on his YouTube series, “Cannon’s Class”.

Nick Cannon also dished out anti-Semitic conspiracy theories as you can hear in the video below. 

It’s hard to imagine in this era of political correctness anyone getting a pass for such outrageous and divisive comments.

Roseanne Barr Gets ‘Cancelled’

Not long ago, Roseanne Barr’s entire career was left in shatters for much, much less. The popular comedienne lost her hit show and had her reputation drug through the mud.

“Roseanne” the reboot was dominating television ratings when Barr, who is Jewish, made a joke at the expense of Valerie Jarrett of the Obama Administration. Her career was over suddenly. 

Some of Roseanne’s fellow cast mates even spoke out against the woman who helped launch their careers. 

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Of course, giving Roseanne the boot opened the door for ABC to create a spinoff her costars could influence. Notably, “The Conners” offered a new liberal spin on the sitcom that once paid homage to blue collar America.  

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Fox Accepts Nick Cannon’s Apology For Anti-Semitic Comments

Cannon, who is black, was quickly scrapped by ViacomCBS, which owns Nick Jr. and MTV, following his comments.

But, Fox has publicly accepted his apology and is allowing Nick Cannon to continue on its hit singing competition. 

“Nick has sincerely apologized, and quickly taken steps to educate himself and make amends,” Fox explained in a statement. “On that basis and given a belief that this moment calls for dialogue, we will move forward with Nick and help him advance this important conversation, broadly.”

Apparently, what side of the political aisle you sit on determines your punishment.

While Roseanne was forced to swallow a poison pill by Hollywood, Cannon is welcome to return to host “The Masked Singer” on Fox. 

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, would love to hear Roseanne’s thoughts on this situation. We’ll update this story if the unabashed comedienne weighs in.

Cancel Culture’s Double Standard

Ironically, earlier this year Cannon called out Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon for their use of blackface in the past. What a hypocrite!

Cannon’s comments were clearly racist. Roseanne’s pale in comparison. Yet, she was cancelled while Fox appears to have rolled out the red carpet for Nick Cannon after he publicly spewed racist hate. 

Some fans are still calling on Fox to replace Nick Cannon with Tom Bergeron, who was fired this week from “Dancing With The Stars”.

Bergeron is a beloved host after 15 years on DWTS, yet the Emmy-winning host was kicked to the curb and replaced with supermodel Tyra Banks. 

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Interestingly, Bergeron was actually a contestant on “The Masked Singer”. He was unmasked as the Taco during Episode 6 of Season 3. 

At the end of the day, we can all rest assured that the Hollywood double standard remains alive and well. The repercussions for Nick Cannon vs. Roseanne Barr is clear proof of that. 

And we’ll soon find out whether Fox cares more about pressure from leftist cancel culture or their main viewer base.