The Conners shames Roseanne with Planned Parenthood and Throuples storyline

Roseanne Barr is undoubtedly furious right now, as “The Conners”, the spinoff sitcom of her beloved namesake “Roseanne”, just hit a new low by using their ABC show to promote Planned Parenthood and “throuples”.

If you’ve never heard of a “throuple”, it is a couple that consists of THREE people. Seriously.

“The Conners” Plugs Planned Parenthood

Tuesday’s episode of the ABC sitcom “The Conners” was titled “Bad Dads and Grads”. The episode featured a plot in which Sara Gilbert’s character Darlene is considering having a baby. So Darlene, the youngest daughter of Roseanne, decides to go to the abortion-giving facility Planned Parenthood. You know, because it’s “a good place to go if you’re poor and actually planning for parenthood.”


Planned Parenthood, of course, is far better known for being a place that ENDS parenthood rather than starts it.

In fact, the Heritage Foundation just carried out a review of Planned Parenthood that found that for every one abortion referral, the facility performs 117 abortions. The latest reports from Planned Parenthood also indicate that their non-abortion services declined by a significant margin between 2017 and 2018.

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“The Conners” Promotes “Throuples”

Not stopping there, ‘The Conners’ doubled down with a “throuples” storyline. This came later in the show, when Aunt Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) is stood up by someone she met on a dating app. As she waits in the restaurant for her no-show date, Jackie is propositioned. But not just by anyone – by another couple eating there, Janelle (Jennifer Gray) and Ron (Clark Gregg).

After the couple wined and dined Jackie to the point where she felt like she owed them, they came clean about what they really wanted.

“We want to invite you into our relationship. Which right now feels like the most natural thing in the world,” the husband told Jackie. “So, we were looking for the right person, and then, out of the blue, you found us.”

Yes, they invited Jackie to become the PERMANENT third person in their relationship.

When Jackie later explains what a “throuple” is to Darlene, she says, “It’s when three people have an equal relationship, just like a couple.”

Jackie is then asked what she will do if Ron wants to have sex with one or both of the women, to which she responds, “I’ll deal with that when we go up to our lake house in Door County next weekend.”

This Show Has Gone Downhill Since Barr’s Firing

This show has clearly gone downhill ever since they fired its raucous leading lady. ABC then basically forced Roseanne Barr to hand over the rights to the popular sitcom. Which the network then promptly rebooted as “The Conners”.

Without Roseanne, “The Conners” seems desperate to stay relevant. That can be the only explanation for this pandering to liberals in the most shameless and grotesque ways possible.

There is no word yet on whether “The Conners” will be renewed for a third season. But after seeing what garbage they are putting on air, I for one hope that ABC puts them out of their misery by pulling the plug.

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