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As calls continue to grow for the NFL team the Washington Redskins to change its name because people find it “offensive,” a former member of the team, Doc Walker, offered what he sees as an “easy” solution. 

Doc Walker’s “Simple” Solution To Redskins Controversy

Doc Walker, a former tight end who played for Washington from 1981 to 1984, told NBC Sports Washington that there is one name that the team could switch to easily.

“The Warriors. It’s so easy,” Walker said. “All you have to do is put the arrow back on the helmet. You don’t have to change anything else. Warriors on the warpath, fight for old D.C. It’s that simple.”

Washington Redskins Insider Lake Lewis Jr had this to say:

But Activists Want ALL Mascots With Native American Ties Banned

However, some professional athletes are suggesting that no Native American mascots should be used: 

While Redtails had been a popular name suggestion that is gaining traction on social media, Walker does not think that one is a good idea right now.

“I’ve heard Redtails. I’ve learned about them. That was cool for me to learn,” he said. “In this climate right now, let me see them sell that. I just think that at some point, you can’t change and erase hundreds of years of neglect and racism in a month. It’s just unrealistic that you can wipe everything clean with one swipe. It’s going to be a struggle, but you do have to get the process started.”

Here’s the concept for Washtington Redtails:

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Regardless of what the name is changed to, Walker thinks it’s important that the name Redskins is ditched for good.

“When it’s something that brings a group of people pride, that’s one thing,” Walker said. “But if it shames some of them, then you don’t do that. For me, whenever it’s a mixed message, I opt to the side of the people that are affected the most.”

Plus, many retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and Target are discontinuing sales of Washington’s merchandise as it stands now. 

Redskins Coach Rivera Comments

Washington head coach Ron Rivera was asked if he feels the name should be changed. He said:

“It’s all about the moment and the timing. But I’m just somebody that’s from a different era when football wasn’t such a big part of the political scene. That’s one of the tough things, too, is I’ve always wanted to keep that separate.”

If only we still lived in a time when football wasn’t politicized! Thanks a lot, Colin Kaepernick…

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Change Is In The Air

Doc Walker said that Rivera’s comments indicated to him that a change was coming.

“The thing that I’m surprised about is that when Ron was asked about it earlier in the week, his answer indicated to me that something’s up,” Walker said. “Because he’s been so straight forward and a terrific leader. But he didn’t answer that with confidence, and that told me something was going on behind the scenes.”

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