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Political correctness has invaded all aspects of our culture as leftists believe everything should be sanitized out of fear it will hurt someone’s feelings. They’ve even taken aim at sports teams.

The Cleveland Indians have long been targets of these activists. The team caved to demands earlier this year when they announced mascot Chief Wahoo will soon no longer be on the American League team’s uniforms. After that ridiculous victory, the left-wing activists are refocusing their attention on the Washington Redskins.

Joe Theismann played for the Washington Redskins from 1974 to 1985. He’s been retired from playing the game for decades, but he is often seen as a go-to person with regards to team issues.

TMZ caught up with the Redskins legend and asked him about the push for the team to change its name. Theismann had a straightforward response that everyone who is tired of political correctness will love. He thinks it’s nonsense.

Theismann says the Native Americans he has spoken with don’t object to the name and he hopes the team does not ditch its name to appease the rabble-rousers.

“They seem to be okay with the name, ‘The Redskins,’” Theismann said.

This raises an important point. How many people who are protesting the name of Redskins are even Native American? Are they just outraged for outrage’s sake? Some people just like to cause trouble.

“We try and honor [Native Americans] every day and do the best we can to represent the nations that are out there,” the legendary quarterback told TMZ.

This name can be seen as a point of pride to some people. It’s hard to imagine people of Irish descent getting upset about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. They even have a caricature of a leprechaun and people are not protesting or throwing temper tantrums. Why should it be different with the Redskins?

The Obama Administration made trying to get a name change for the Washington Redskins a sort of pet project. That didn’t work at the time, but leftists are continuing this battle.

Watch Joe Theismann explain this in the video below.

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