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Chelsea Handler doesn’t have much tolerance for people who don’t hold her extreme liberal values. She’s been known to call conservatives Nazis. But, she doesn’t have to look far into her own family tree to find an actual Nazi. Her grandfather was a Nazi soldier who was captured by the Americans in 1944.

This is a difficult reality for the comedienne. She appeared on TLC “Who Do You Think You Are?” in 2013. That was long before Donald Trump even began his campaign for president.

You’d think this experience would have taught her not to judge people, but she appears to quickly have lost the significance. 

Handler doesn’t grant forgiveness to those who disagree with her politically but she dishes it out for her grandfather who was an actual Nazi. “Whatever he saw ended up ultimately making him a good man,” Handler says.

Her liberal ilk believe the rest of us have to bear the crimes of our ancestors yet she gives her own grandfather a pass. What a hypocrite!

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Her Father Was Jewish But Her Mother Was German

Handler’s father was Jewish. And, her mother was born and raised in Germany. Chelsea was raised in her father’s faith and remains Jewish. Chelsea knew her maternal grandfather was a German soldier but she appears to have dismissed the significance of it. 

While we do not carry the sins of our forebears as they were committed before our birth, Chelsea is quick to judge and label others.

She often uses the term “white privilege” to mock her political rivals. The irony that she is both white an a Nazi descendant appears to be lost on her. 

In “Who Do You Think You Are?,” Handler ventures to her grandparent’s hometown of Bochum, Germany. She learns that her grandpa, Karl Stöker, worked for the most enthusiastic Nazi in town. 

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You can see Chelsea learning more about her own family history in the video below. 

Chelsea Handler’s Grandpa’s Nazi History

Grandpa Karl also participated in a voluntary sports program run by the SA, the paramilitary wing of the Nazi party. The documentation regarding her grandfather’s service to Hitler that remains after all these years is not very significant.

Handler wanted written confirmation that her grandfather actually approved and supported Hitler. But, these documents weren’t manifestos. They just showed that he was a low level soldier who was lucky enough to be captured by the Americans while he was fighting for Hitler in France.

The Americans saved him from the worst of the war and may have saved his life. 

These documents showed no confirmation that Karl was a Hitler cheerleader. That’s not what those documents were meant to show. Handler took this lack of information as a confirmation that her grandpa wasn’t a Nazi.

She dismissed the fact that he worked for the biggest Nazi in town. And, that he had voluntarily joined the Nazi’s sports program before he was drafted three weeks after the war began. 

The next time she is screaming about “white privilege” or the like, she should be reminded of her own Nazi privilege.

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