Less than 24 hours after a school shooting devastated the state of Colorado, ignorant comedian Chelsea Handler was shamelessly using the tragedy to fuel her pathetic vendetta against Donald Trump and his supporters.

Fox News reported that Handler took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to blame Republican Trump supporters for the tragedy, effectively accusing them of being murderers.

“How many children have to get killed for Republicans to do something about gun control? Thousands. Millions,” Handler tweeted. “Thank you for teaching our children that money from the NRA is more important than their lives.”

It should be noted that Handler posted this one day after she wrote another tweet mocking teachers, saying that they do “the one thing everyday that I have worked my entire life to avoid… be around kids.”

First of all, shame on Handler for using a tragedy that left one child dead and eight others injured to fuel her own ridiculous political agenda. Could she not at least have waited a few days to give the families that were affected by this tragedy some peace before she shamelessly started using them as pawns to go after the president and his supporters?

To blame this isolated incident on the millions of Republicans who live in this country is also incredibly ignorant. Clearly, Handler has bought into the leftwing media’s narrative that all Republican Trump supporters are inherently evil people who are inherently corrupt and stupid. It’s easier for small-minded people like Handler to vilify the entire Republican base than to think critically about why it is that conservatives believe what they believe. If Handler put an ounce of thought into this, maybe she’d see that guns don’t kill people: people kill people, and the only people who are to blame for this latest shooting are the gunmen who pulled the triggers.

It’s this kind of ignorant, baseless attack from the left that alienated so many moderates in 2016 and sent them running to vote for Trump. If Handler keeps this up, she might just end up inadvertently helping the president get reelected in 2020.

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