Joy Behar Suggests Conservative Michigan Protesters Have No Right To Medical Treatment

"The View's" Joy Behar is so upset with the Michigan protestors that she wants them refused medical treatment if they get coronavirus.

Protesters flocked Lansing, Michigan to demonstrate their objections to Governor Whitmer’s incredibly restrictive orders. Whitmer has the state locked down so tight that people cannot even purchase seeds to plant a garden. Many view these severe restrictions as a form of tyranny. Not, Joy Behar. “The View” co-host is so angered by the protesters that she wants medical care denied to them if they contract coronavirus.

Joy Behar Condemns Michigan Protests

On April 15th, what should have been Tax Day, people came from all over Michigan to cause gridlock in the state capital. Most of them practiced social distancing by staying in their cars.

‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar objected to this this because it clashes with her political opinion. So what was the outspoken liberal’s response? She hopes these protesters get deathly sick.  

Of course, this wasn’t the first time that liberal co-host made 

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Behar, who can obviously afford to have food delivered to her, doesn’t have to be concerned with things like planting her own garden for food or fishing for dinner.

The highly paid television personality has no sympathy for people struggling to provide for their families amid a pandemic. And it seems she believes their rights should come at the cost of their health.

Michigan Governor Whitmer won’t let people fish but she believes abortion is essential and should continue during the pandemic. 

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The tweeted video below gives a synopsis of Behar’s backhanded comments against the First Amendment. 

Ironically, Behar believes people in New York City are following orders. She wants these folks from Michigan to be banned from entering the Big Apple.

Conveniently, she forgets that people are still on crowded subways in New York, among other things.

Perhaps Behar should clean up her own city before exporting her callous brand of liberalism to the Great Lakes and midwestern regions. 

‘The View’ Co-hosts Clash Over Michigan Protest

Joy wasn’t the only ‘The View’ host with a hot take on this issue. 

Sunny Hostin, of course, was more concerned with confederate flags than she was with Governor Whitmer’s incredibly restrictive orders. Hostin said this was a racist protest rather than pushing back against tyranny. 

Meghan McCain was the sole voice of reason saying that it is absurd that Michiganders cannot buy garden seeds to grow food.

Amazingly, none of Behar’s co-hosts pushed back when she suggested the protesters should not seek treatment if they get sick. Not one.

The full clip of this segment from “The View” can be seen in the video below. 

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