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September 7, 2022
Whoopi Goldberg is going off on racist fantasy fans, telling them to “get a job” during a segment on the ABC talk show “The View.”
Black Lives Matter BlackXmas
December 2, 2021
BLM is challenging people to “dream of a BlackXmas” and is calling for a boycott of “white companies” from November 26 through January 1.
Joy Behar Gabby Petito
September 24, 2021
Joy Behar said that the coverage of the Gabby Petito case is “racist,” calling it “Missing White Women Syndrome.”
Sharon Osbourne Elaine Welteroth
Elaine Welteroth is heard comforting Sharon Osbourne after ‘The Talk’ when Sharon defended Piers Morgan for his remarks about Meghan Markle.
Chip and Joanna Gaines racist Fixer Upper
“Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines want people to know they’re not racist or homophobic and want diversity for Magnolia Network.
Royal Family Meghan Markle Omid Scobie
Royal biographer Omid Scobie claims the Royal family had “not one but several conversations about Archie’s skin color” before he was born.
Jeopardy! winner
“Jeopardy!” winner Kelly Donohue denied making a racist hand gesture after winning three games, but former players are demanding an apology.
Sharon Osbourne Sheryl Underwood
Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood are still at odds with each other after their discussion about Piers Morgan on “The Talk” went sideways.
Herschel Walker Maxine Waters Trump black vote
November 4, 2020
NFL legend Herschel Walker obliterated Maxine Waters for saying that she’ll never forgive black voters of President Donald Trump.
Kanye West Joe Rogan experience racist Democrats
October 28, 2020
Christian rapper Kanye West turned heads this week what he finds most “racist” about Democrats on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.
Bette Midler God Trump Twitter Racist Melania Piers Morgan
October 28, 2020
The irony of Bette Midler calling on God to take down the “racist criminal” Donald Trump is highlighted in her own vile Twitter history.
Chelsea Handler 50 Cent Trump Jimmy Fallon
October 26, 2020
The comedian Chelsea Handler launced a racist attack on the rapper 50 Cent for supporting President Donald Trump.
Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg just said on “The View” that phrases like “black sheep” and “blackmail” are “offensive” and “racist.”
NBA Grant Napear DeMarcus Cousins
NBA announcer Grant Napear’s career was destroyed this week when he tweeted the words “All Lives Matter” in response to DeMarcus Cousins.
Roseanne Barr Scott Baio Hollywood
Scott Baio is in hot water with liberal Hollywood after he called out them out for their hypocrisy when it comes to Roseanne Barr and Joe Biden.
Bed Bath & Beyond pulled black jack-o-lanterns off their shelves after the NAACP and local media whipped up claims of racism by the "blackface" pumpkins.
October 23, 2019
Bed Bath & Beyond pulled black jack-o-lanterns off their shelves after the NAACP and local media whipped up claims of racism by the “blackface” pumpkins.
joy behar black people racist
Joy Behar has said many ignorant things on her ABC talk show “The View,” but she hit a new low this week when she claimed that black people can’t be racist.