The 10 Best AEW Matches In History Are Now Revealed!

The 10 Best AEW matches in history

From the stadium stampede at Double or Nothing to events such as Full Gear, there are plenty of reasons to talk about AEW matches. But, which were some of the best the promotion ever aired?

Today, we take a closer look at some of the best AEW matches in the promotion’s history. The choice was difficult, but here are the ones that made our list!

1. Stadium Stampede Match At 2020 Double Or Nothing

The Stadium Stampede match is on top

The Stadium Stampede match is the most discussed match since the founding of AEW, and it is not difficult to find out why. Despite the controversy surrounding the pool spot, there are many reasons why the Stadium Stampede match is on our list.

One of the main reasons why the Stadium Stampede match is on top of our list is the uniqueness of the concept. Horses, traffic cones, bad referees, pools, and a rugby field were just some of the few special things featured in the Stadium Stampede match.

Of course, the performance of the wrestlers put this event over the top of all else. The Inner Circle versus the Elite goes down in history for all the right reasons.

2. Kenny Omega & Hangman Page Versus The Young Bucks

AEW Revolution

AEW Revolution brought a tag match that had it all. Thanks to the efforts of Kenny Omega, Hangman Page and The Young Bucks, it became one of the most exciting matches ever.

There were many things that stood out about this match. However, the sequences throughout the match were unlike any other. 

Wrestling sequences are everything these days, especially since wrestling fans come to excitement as well as skill. Since there were high stakes for this match, fans received all of this and more.

3. The Young Bucks Versus Lucha Bros

Lucha Bros versus The Young Bucks

All Elite Wrestling had its fair share of wrestling matches, but none was as spectacular as the Young Bucks versus Lucha Bros. This match also means the Young Bucks conquered the three first spots on our list.

I also need to pay special tribute to the Lucha Bros. I’ve been following Fenix and Pentagon Dark since their Lucha Underground days, so this match finally gave them the recognition they deserve.

If you are a ladder match fan, and did not watch this, I suggest you do so now. This match defied what fans expect from a ladder match, and brought something I never thought possible.

4. Hangman Page And Kenny Omega Versus Lucha Bros

Lucha Bros versus Hangman Page and Kenny Omega

And the Lucha Bros make my list again at number four, this time for their match at AEW Dynamite against Hangman Page and Kenny Omega. 

There were several things that made this match one of the history books. However, creativity is one of the main things that stood out for me here.

Each and every single man performed on a whole new level inside and outside the ring. Some of the spots were fear-defying, so you do have to wonder how they pulled this off? 

5. Kenny Omega Versus Pac 

Kenny Omega and Pac

Neville made the right decision leaving the WWE, otherwise we would have never seen this match. Once again, it is a Kenny Omega match, but god it was amazing!

The foundation of this match was undoubtedly the long feud between both men. Everything was supported by a great storyline, which took the intensity to a whole new level.

While Kenny Omega eventually took the win, the offensive of Pac was so impressive. He also proved once and for all that he is one of the best wrestlers to come from the UK.

6. Cody Rhodes Versus Dustin Rhodes

Cody Rhodes versus Dustin Rhodes

And the prize for the best in-ring story goes to brothers Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes. Although, I do have to admit this match made me cringe loads due to the copious amounts of blood.

Despite my cringe levels, both men performed amazingly where wrestling ability is concerned. Nevertheless, the storytelling is what really stood out about this brutal match.

7. Kenny Omega Versus Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley versus Kenny Omega defied hardcore style

I have to admit that I didn’t quite know where to place this match in the overview. As is the case with all the AEW matches mentioned here, Kenny Omega versus Jon Moxley brought something unique to the table.

While hardcore wrestling is hardly found in mainstream wrestling, Moxley and Omega gave it their all. The result was a match where viewers held their breath for most of the spots, myself included.

After watching this match during Full Gear, I can safely say I am never going near barbed wire again. Auwtch!!!

8. Riho Versus Nyla Rose

Nyla Rose versus Riho was spectacular

Another match that did not take place during a pay-per-view, but was amazing nonetheless. And in my opinion, this match but female wrestling at AEW on the map.

Going into the match, Riho was pegged as the underdog. If there is something I love, it is an underdog story that is reminiscent of Rey Mysterio winning the Royal Rumble.

While the women’s division still needs some work going forward, this match certainly set a strong standard for all women in the division.

9. Darby Allin Versus Jimmy Havoc Versus Joey Janela

All Out brought one of the weirdest matches ever

One of the weirdest matches in my lineup, but a beautiful mix of hardcore wrestling, funny moments as well as some psychological warfare.

If you weren’t sold on AEW before, then this match probably convinced you. It also had some benefits for Darby Allin, as this specific match put him on the AEW map.

10. Chris Jericho Versus Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes versus Chris Jericho

My final pick includes two of the best wrestlers in the world, Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes. Considering the reputation of both men, it could only go down as one of the best matches in AEW history.

One of the most shocking moments of the match came when Cody Rhodes ended up face first on the metal ramp. Interesting fact, this spot nearly got the match stopped.

Fortunately for us wrestling fans, the match continued and both men told an amazing story. The build-up to the match was fantastic too, so this is a prime example of how AEW supports its matches the right way.