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A WWE Superstar is injured yet again, after just returning from a previous injury. Also, signs are pointing to another AEW television show soon.

Superstar Injured Yet Again

Imagine being a WWE Superstar. You work hard, you claw your way to the top, and then you suffer a major injury.

The injury and recovery takes you off of television for many months. When you finally do make it back, there’s not much fanfare.

Then, just as quickly as you came back, you are gone again.

That scenario, unfortunately, is what is happening to former champion Jinder Mahal.

Superstar Injured Yet Again

You may remember that Jinder Mahal only recently returned to WWE television after a lengthy absence.

Now, Jinder Mahal is injured and out of action.

Per his own social media account, Mahal had to undergo a procedure on his knee. No timetable was provided for his return.


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Unfortunately I had to go under the knife again to fix some knee issues. The journey has hit a speed bump, but I will be back stronger than ever.

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For the Modern Day Maharajah, the timing is bad-not that there’s ever a good time to require knee surgery.

The Superstar had only recently returned to the ring. WWE had flip-flopped on what his role would be, but the company seemed to have settled on giving him a shot as a babyface.

Now, with news of his latest surgery, WWE will have even more time to decide what they do or don’t use Jinder for.

AEW Preparing For New Show

All Elite Wrestling seems to be making plenty of good moves. The company has been in business just over a year, and all signs point toward a television programming expansion.

AEW already airs Dynamite on Wednesdays. The company also has a YouTube show in Dark.

Now, we’ve learned that the company is looking to add a second show for TNT. For that, signs point to Dark becoming the second AEW on TNT show.

The report comes via the Wrestling Observer. This decision is believed to be at least partly responsible for the influx in significant talent appearing on Dark.

Khan, of course, has already made news this week for other reasons. He announced earlier in the week that Linda Hogan was banned from AEW events.

Linda Hogan isn’t even the only banned Hogan. When Tony Khan mentioned her banishment, many fans also learned that ex-husband Hulk Hogan had already been banned previously.

After starting the week with some less than pleasant topics, AEW saved the good news for last.

Whenever the move happens, it will effectively be like when WWE and USA struck a deal to keep shooting NXT television, but now the Wednesday shows air first on the USA Network.