Bro Time Like Present

It’s time for our weekly SmackDown In A Nutshell. This time, there’s Bro time like the present.

That’s not a misprint, of course. There’s bro time like the present because this week, The Original Bro is debuting on the blue brand.

On this week’s show, on top of the debut of the Original Bro, we have the return of the Firefly Fun House.

That’s right, boys and girls…Bray Wyatt is back!

But mostly this week is all about there’s bro time like the present. Personally, I am stoked to see Matt Riddle’s debut-though in light of his new scandal, it will be interesting to see how WWE handles it long term (this debut was taped earlier in the week).

So, without any more delays, it’s time!

Bro Time Like Present

Let’s crack open this Nutshell!

Best Match of the night:

Hands down for me this one is Matt Riddle versus AJ Styles. The only way this one would have been better is if Riddle had won the championship.

I get why they didn’t do that, of course. With AJ only just winning the belt, and Riddle debuting tonight (not to mention the uncertainty with the recent allegations), a non-title match was the safe play.

It’s still a win win. Riddle gets his debut win and a big win at that.

Worst match of the night:

I’d probably pick on Shorty G versus Mojo Rawley. Just not something worthwhile, and I think both Superstars could be better.

Star of the Night

It was Riddle’s night. There’s Bro time like the present, after all!

Spot of the Night:

Not going to pick too many…it was another time when you lack a crowd, so the spots aren’t really there.

Jobber of the Night:

Going unconventional here.

As much as it’s not wrong to dislike a champion losing in a non-title bout (something WWE has done a bit in recent months), having AJ Styles put Riddle over in Riddle’s debut is big.

I’d say it was a job well done.

Upset of the Night:

Just on paper, you could argue that Riddle over Styles is an upset, but I think it just shows that, prior to Friday morning, WWE was actually high on Riddle’s future on SmackDown.

Otherwise, no upsets.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Sometimes it’s hard to keep things straight nowadays, since the shows are all taped ahead of time…but when you consider that earlier in the week, WWE had someone at the Performance Center test positive…and then on Friday we had what was basically a lumberjack-type match?

Kind of surprised they didn’t go a different direction there.

Especially after Riddle won, having all the faces jump in and party together? I mean, sure, it gave it a special feeling…but it’s hard to forget the positive test and all.

It will be very interesting to see where WWE is taking things with Wyatt and Strowman. Seems Bray might be going back to the old school Wyatt Family days again.

Would that mean WWE could be bringing back Rowan?

Botch of the night:

Too many Superstars too close together, too soon after someone tested positive.

LOL Moment of the night:

Otis sure enjoyed Matt Riddle’s debut. Otis is a dancing fool!

Noteworthy Moment:

Going with what I think is an awesome honor. Titus O’Neill has been nominated for an award given by ESPN, named for Muhammad Ali.

Titus, for all the grief he’s gotten as a Superstar, has done amazing things for WWE as an ambassador and outreach resource.

Overall lowlights:

Not relative to the show, but Friday was a bad day for pro wrestling and several within WWE.

Of course, at least some Superstars are denying things, but it’s a sad day that these allegations even exist.

Some are surely with merit. Maybe all are true.

I am not here to determine that…just to say it was not a good day, and hopefully justice is served.

Overall highlights:

Matt Riddle’s debut stole the show. It could have been the main event.

The return of the Firefly Fun House, however, was still excellent and DID close the show.

After the final bell:

Riddle’s debut was (outside of the controversy) everything fans could have hoped for. Would have been a sweet pop for him, if fans were allowed…but still a strong showing.

Bro Time Like Present

WWE set up a few summer feuds tonight too, some were a bit more subtle.

I’d guess Corbin and Riddle will be tangling. Styles and Bryan are clearly not done.

Sasha still tosses a loving glance at Bayley’s SmackDown Women’s Championship, too. Surely that’s not by accident.

One other thing teased…maybe? We thought way back, that we could get a stable of Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak and Chad Gable.

What if…we added Matt Riddle too? Bryan was cheering him on as much as anyone, and Gulak and Riddle hugged it out post-win.

I feel like WWE needs to be reminded that we can have a new babyface stable from time to time, and that one could be a blast.