Matt Riddle’s Main Roster Debut + WWE Re-Signs Former Champion

Matt Riddle's main roster

Rumors about Matt Riddle indicate that the NXT star could be heading to the main roster very soon. In other news, Drew Gulak re-signed with the WWE despite rumors of him exiting the company.

Matt Riddle Going To SmackDown Live?

NXT's Matt Riddle going to SmackDown Live?

NXT’s Matt Riddle is heading to SmackDown Live, at least if PWInsider is to be believed. There were rumors about Matt Riddle’s main roster upgrade since before WrestleMania 36, and it may actually happen soon.

Last NXT Feud Against Timothy Thatcher

Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle

If PWInsider is to be believed, this will be Matt Riddle’s final feud on the NXT brand. After this feud, NXT’s Matt Riddle might become SmackDown’s Matt Riddle.

Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle have been embroiled in a feud since they lost their tag team titles to Imperium. Riddle and Timothy Thatcher are scheduled for a cage fight with Kurt Angle as a special referee.

With Riddle heading to the main roster, a spot opens up in NXT’s singles division. We wonder who will capture the attention of Triple H next?

Instant Title Picture?

Will we see a feud between Matt Riddle and Brock Lesnar?

Considering Matt Riddle’s popularity, many wonder if Riddle will be in the title picture immediately. Unfortunately, we don’t think so.

Many popular and dominant wrestlers moved to the main roster, only to be stuck to the mid-card. The most prominent examples include Shayna Baszler, Shinsuke Nakamura, Ricochet, Aleister Black and many others.

Matt Riddle will do brilliantly with a live audience, but until that happens we see him stuck on the mid-card. Of course, we are still hoping for that monster feud with Brock Lesnar, as the pair have some real-life heat that will translate beautifully on screen.

Drew Gulak Re-Signed With WWE

Former Champion Drew Gulak re-signed with WWE

Former cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak re-signed with the WWE. This is the great news that hit our offices this morning!

Many fans and journalists believe Drew Gulak would head over to another promotion, as the wrestler was moved to the alumni page of the website. However, it now appears that Gulak has come to a new contractual agreement with the company.

Pay Raise Denied

Drew Gulak

When Drew Gulak moved from SmackDown Live to the cruiserweight division, reports came in that Drew asked the company for a pay raise and that this was denied. Obviously, many believed this was the reason why Drew Gulak had not re-signed with the company last week.

While talks came to a stalemate and WWE reportedly pulled their offer, it seems like the company is not ready to lose the former cruiserweight champion. This is great news, as we believe Drew did amazing alongside Daniel Bryan.

Drew’s Role Moving Forward

What are the future plans for Drew Gulak

We have to be honest, we would love to see Drew Gulak alongside Daniel Bryan again. The gimmick was gold, as the passion of both men was so obvious throughout the gimmick.

It remains to be seen what the WWE is planning for Gulak and Daniel Bryan, but it would be rather stupid if they didn’t capitalize on a gimmick that is working already. Nevertheless, we are sure Gulak will shine no matter what he does next.