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Colin Kaepernick is not a NFL fan favorite. His performance wasn’t enough to make him an in demand quarterback. His National Anthem protests alienated fans. No team wanted to touch him, but now there is a move to force the NFL to sign Kaepernick. First, Reverend Al Sharpton thought it appropriate to hijack George Floyd’s funeral to talk about Colin Kaepernick. Now, New Orleans player Malcolm Jenkins is turning the pressure up on a notch.

NFL National Anthem Protests

Kaepernick caused a huge rift with fans and other players when he started kneeling during the National Anthem.

People watch football to relax and get get a break from their daily life. They aren’t looking to be lectured on liberal agendas. That is what Kaepernick forced upon fans and teammates. 

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Cancel culture has taken over and statues are being toppled, police are being demeaned, and riots and sprouting up.

Last week, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was crucified by the left for saying that he “will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of American or our country.”

Brees has since apologized multiple times. Despite an apology being unnecessary given he was simply stating his beliefs. Brees comes from a military family and so he believes in respecting America’s flag and anthem.  

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But radicals on the Left are out for blood and so they want him cancelled. They’ll not be satisfied until the hardworking Super Bowl winner is fired. That’s how this leftist mob works.

Malcolm Jenkins + Al Sharpton Pressure NFL To Sign Colin Kaepernick

Never to let a good crisis go to waste, activists are now pushing to get Kaepernick back on the field. 

We reported yesterday that race baiter Al Sharpton also wants the NFL to take Kaepernick back. He had the nerve to promote the idea while eulogizing George Floyd. How disrespectful.

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Now New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins is piling on to help advance the idea. He wants the NFL to literally force a team to sign Kaepernick. 

“I still don’t think [the NFL has] gotten it right. Until they apologize, specifically, to Colin Kaepernick, or assign him to a team, I don’t think that they will end up on the right side of history,” Jenkins said during a CBS interview. 

Forget tryouts and qualifications. It’s not like pro football players work to earn their spot on a team, right? Jenkins wants Kaepernick assigned a spot so the NFL is on ‘the right side of history’. 

Malcolm Jenkins definitely must have been listening when Sharpton suggested the NFL make reparations. Be sure to read his full speech in the story above if you haven’t yet.

Needless to say, there could be disastrous implications if a team is forced to accept Kaepernick on its roster. He’s unpopular with a huge chunk of football fans and is sure to create division within the team’s ranks.

Many police officers and their supporters actively watch football. Would they continue tuning in to see a man who is helping pay for the legal defense for rioters looking to attack them?

It’s easy to believe they would walk away from that team and possibly the league. 

Kaepernick doesn’t deserve a free pass. He opted out of his option with the 49ers in 2017 so he could sign with another team.

He overplayed his hand and then nobody wanted him. That was his decision and he has been whining about it for years now.

Colin Kaepernick shouldn’t be forced upon a team by the NFL, and no team should have to deal with the drama that he would bring to their bench and locker room. 

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