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John Cleese came to J.K. Rowling’s defense after the cancel culture mob went after the Harry Potter author accusing her of transphobia. In doing so, the “Monty Python” star certainly didn’t earn any new fans from the politically correct crowd. 

Rowling became the target of LGBTQ extremists when she tweeted support for a British researcher named Maya Forstater who lost her job after tweeting “men cannot change into women.” Rowling quickly learned that people are no longer allowed to have a differing opinion from the mob on anything, including biology. 

“Dress however you please,” the author tweeted in defense of the fired researcher.

“Call yourself whatever you like. Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you. Live your best life in peace and security. But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real?”

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John Cleese Battles Cancel Culture

Rowling was subject of ruthless attacks for her simple tweet. That’s when Cleese inserted himself. The actor/comedian has been vocal in taking on cancel culture recently.

He pushed back after the BBC removed an episode of “Fawlty Towers” from its lineup. He fought back and won and now he is aiming to do battle with the Politically Correct police once again.

Cleese stated that you can’t even ask questions anymore without being attacked. He tweeted:

He’s not the only one coming to Rowling’s defense amid cancel culture’s attacks:

And, several writers are quitting her agency as well.

Cleese Questions Fairness Of Transgender Athletes

Cleese followed that up by saying female athletes he has spoken with have have pointed out how unfair it is to have a biological male compete against them.

It certainly isn’t a level playing field when a transgender woman is permitted to compete against biological women.

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He wrote: 

Cleese hasn’t backed down to cancel culture in the past and he continues fighting them. This funny man isn’t going to let anyone bully him into changing his opinion.

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