Female Swimmer Reacts To New Policy Granting Unrestricted Locker Room Access To Transgender Students

An Illinois School Board voted to allow students to choose the bathroom or locker room they feel corresponds with their gender identity, regardless of their biological gender, after a long battle. At least one student – a female athlete – didn’t agree with the decision granting transgender students unrestricted locker room access and was brave enough to voice her feelings.

School Board Grants Transgender Students Locker Room Choice

The vote at the Palatine School Board wasn’t even close. The measure was approved 5 to 2.

In this era where we are to be extremely careful with making sure everyone is comfortable. No concern is given to females who are forced to share their bathroom with biological males.

There is no qualification for being able to switch bathrooms except for feeling as though you identify with the gender listed on the bathroom door. No protections are apparently offered for the typical students. The hypocrisy is stunning.

Swimmer Reacts To Transgender Locker Room Vote

One transgender student named Nova Maday in the Chicago area school district celebrated following the locker room vote. Finally being allowed to go to the bathroom with girls is considered a big win by Nova.

Another student, however, sees the vote very differently. Julia Burca, who is a junior on the high school swim team, voiced her fears that biological boys would see her naked when she changed before and after practice.

The district was facing two federal lawsuits from transgender activists. Their response was to pass the measure rather than to listen to students like Julia who have legitimate concerns.

The tweeted video below really shines a spotlight on the other side of the story. The side the media and activists choose to ignore.

Julia is a teenage girl in high school. Who competes on the school’s swim team. And thus changes in and out of her bathing suit at school.

Just listen to Julia’s words. Imagine how she is feeling. Which of these school board members heard Julia’s voice? Did any of those 5 school board members consider or care about Julia’s privacy and security? Don’t they #BelieveHer? That is still a leftist motto, right?

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What About Julia?

It’s understandable that a swimmer would be concerned. Very few adults care to protect her or show any interest in her concerns. The activists would probably brand her as transphobic or homophobic simply for feeling uncomfortable.

Radical feminists and leftist activists have abandoned girls like Julia for transgenders.

What are Julia and other girls who don’t want to be seen naked to do? Should they give up their sport to accommodate these students who want to be considered girls? This is not fair.

Many parents in attendance at the meeting agreed. One parent held a sign which conveyed a simple but powerful truth:

“Anatomy not identity protects all equally.”

As a parent, I would be considering pulling my child from this school as they clearly don’t care about typical students.

No Labels Generation

This young generation fancies themselves a “no labels” generation, so why are they so eager to slap labels on themselves. The irony is stunning. “Don’t label me, but I’m transgender!” Ironically, anyone without a special label doesn’t seem to matter.

Frankly, youth is a time of great change.  It is a time of self discovery. Many of us didn’t feel like we fit into our own skin as young children and teens because we were trying to figure out who we were and where we fit in this world.

We didn’t have our lives planned out, but we knew what gender we were! But, now kids are able to change their “genders.”

Kids change their mind and their interests a million times while growing up. What happens if they change their mind later and want to change back to their assigned birth sex?

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Julia’s concerns matter. People have to feel safe, especially in vulnerable places like bathrooms and locker rooms. She does not feel safe and I wouldn’t either.

The Palatine School Board is essentially telling them if they want to be comfortable they should wait to use the bathroom at home or wear their swimsuits under their clothes and skip the locker room altogether.

We hear you, Julia. And we stand with you.

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