Hardcore Legend Passes Away, WWE Stars Pay Tribute

Unfortunately, the wrestling landscape has lost another amazing wrestler. WWE and other wrestlers have paid tribute to the hardcore legend.

Shortly after the tragic death of former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard, the wrestling world suffered another tragic loss. Unfortunately, hardcore legend Grant Berkland aka Danny Havoc passed away at the age of 34.

Danny Havoc’s Wife Died In April

Danny Havoc died only a couple of days after his wife

Havoc died only a couple of weeks after his wife, who passed away due to heart failure on April 4th. At the moment, Havoc’s cause of death is still unknown. 

Despite being a hardcore legend and veteran, Havoc never worked for the major wrestling promotions. He spent most of his time at Combat Zone Wrestling and Game Changer Wrestling.

Havoc may not have been known as well in mainstream wrestling, but he was a true staple of the underground hardcore wrestling industry. In fact, he was one of the wrestlers to enjoy the highest standing in that particular area of wrestling.

Even though Havoc never worked for major promotions such as the WWE, he did encounter many WWE wrestlers on his journey. Many of them took to social media to pay tribute to the hardcore wrestler.

Here are some of the wrestlers who paid tribute to Danny Havoc.

Drew Gulak Remembers His Friend 

Drew Gulak pays tribute to Danny Havoc

Drew Gulak was one of the first WWE wrestlers to pay tribute to the hardcore wrestler. Calling him his friend and praising his contributions to the wrestling industry, Gulak left him a lovely tribute on social media.

Kevin Owens Encourages Wrestlers To Take Care Of Each Other

Kevin Owens

Another WWE wrestler who paid tribute to Havoc is Kevin Owens. While Owens did not encounter Havoc much in the wrestling business, he still left a heartfelt tribute on his social media account.

The Entire Wrestling Industry Responds

In addition to WWE superstars such as Kevin Owens and Drew Gulak, other wrestlers working for a variety of promotions have responded to the tragedy.

Combat Zone Wrestling was the promotion Danny Havoc spent most of his time in, so it is no surprise that the promotion took to social media to honor the star. In addition to Combat Wrestling Zone, stars such as Sami Callihan and Orange Cassidy also responded.

Tribute To Havoc

Ringside Intel pays tribute to Hardcore Legend Danny Havoc

To honor Havoc, let’s take a look back at his impressive hardcore wrestling career. 

Danny Havoc started his professional wrestling career at Combat Zone Wrestling. He joined the promotion in 2005 and made his pro wrestling debut on July 30th.

During the Tournament of Death 4, Havoc impressed and he would make his singles debut in September of the same year. It would not take long for the wrestler to be rewarded, as he won the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship only one year later.

Over the course of his career, he won the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship twice and the Junior Championship once. He also obtained the CZW World Tag Team Championship twice. 

Even though Danny never went to WWE or another mainstream promotion, it does not take away from his achievements and personal contributions to the wrestling industry. He will be remembered by hardcore wrestling fans for many years to come.

Ringside Intel sends their condolences to Danny’s family during this difficult time.

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