Jimmy Uso Out For Many Months, Kevin Owens Also Hurt

Jimmy Uso Out Months

Two former champions in WWE will be off TV due to injuries. Here’s the latest on the returns of Jimmy Usos and Kevin Owens.

Jimmy Uso Out For Many Months

The Usos cannot catch a break. Despite recently returning to TV, that seems to now be off the table.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it reports that Jimmy Uso has injured his knee. He will miss anywhere from six to nine months of action.

The exact nature of the injury is not known. Also, we still are waiting to hear about a date for surgery. 

While not confirmed, Jimmy seemed to have been hurt during night one of WrestleMania 36. He, and Kofi Kingston, lost a triple threat ladder match to Jon Morrison for the SmackDown Team Championship.

No word on what spot in the match could have caused the knee injury.

The ladder match was one of the most entertaining bouts to come from the Performance Center. There were plenty of big spots and with content being taped, WWE was able to edit any mistakes.

Originally, the plan was for New Day, The Usos and The Miz & Morrison to continue their feud. They were believed to compete at Money in the Bank in a triple threat tag team match.

Instead, Lucha House Party and The Forgotten Sons will now enter the title picture. 

Jimmy’s 2019 Problems With The Law

The Usos were looking for a fresh start in 2020 after problems last year. It saw Jimmy have several run-ins with the law and miss TV time.

In February 2019, Jimmy was pulled over for suspicion of DUI. He then got into a heated argument with police and a taser was pulled.

During this ordeal, his wife WWE superstar Naomi, was present. She was not arrested or charged.

He struck a deal over the disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice charges. Jimmy pleaded no contest to interfering with a government employee and paid a $450 fine.

Then in July 2019, Jimmy was arrested for DUI in Florida. He went to trial in December of last year in Florida’s Escambia County and won.

During this ordeal, WWE removed The Usos and Naomi from TV. All three recently returned at the start of the year.

With Jimmy out and Jey Uso always working in a tag team, he might also need to sit home. Jey the singles superstar does not sound right.  

Kevin Owens Also Hurt

Also not appearing since WrestleMania 36 is Kevin Owens. During RDS in Quebec, Owens stated he is dealing with some sort of ankle issue.

He believes the injury occurred during his match against Seth Rollins. Remember, that match featured Owens jump off the WrestleMania logo and crash into a table with Rollins draped across.

If Owens was to guess, he either has a sprain or slight fracture. Owens continued that he is getting x-rays during the week to learn the extent of the injury.

Before WrestleMania 36 was moved out of Tampa, Owens had plans for an even crazier spot. That spot, would have been Owens’ WrestleMania moment.