Watch Peyton Manning Roast Tom Brady For A Full Minute Straight – Hilarious!

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson Champions For Charity golf tournament

NFL legends Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are set to join Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson for a charity golf game later this month, and the trash talking has already begun! In the below video, the two superstar quarterbacks go head to head. The highlight is definitely when Petyon roasts Brady for a full minute straight. He’s relentless and it’s hilarious!

‘Champions For Charity’ Golf Event With Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods & Phil Mickelson

USA Today reported that the “Capital One’s The Match: Champions for Charity” event is set to take place on May 24 at 3 p.m. ET, when it will be broadcast on TNT, TBS, truTV and HLN.

All proceeds from the charity golf event will be donated to the COVID-19 relief efforts. 

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Obviously, that is quite the event line up. We’re talking some of the biggest names in professional sports – both the NFL and PGA.

The event may be for charity, but these competitors are all very serious about it. This isn’t a surprise given the champion drive they’ve each displayed in their sports careers.

Their competitive spirit showed in a big way this week, when Manning hilariously roasted Brady in an epic round of trash talking that quickly went viral.

Peyton Manning Brings The Trash Talking 

“The tournament had to be in Florida after Tom’s B&E arrest,” Manning said. “With the ankle monitor, he couldn’t leave the state. So it had to be in Florida. Tiger and I talked to the sheriff in Tampa, and he’s going to be allowed to go to Palm Beach to play.

“I’ll be honest: I’ve never played Tom very well on his home turf, so maybe this is considered a neutral site,” he added. “I would have loved to have had this tournament in a place where they don’t like Tom very much. Indianapolis, Denver, Boston after he just betrayed them and broke their hearts. So Palm Beach is the best we can probably do.”

Everyone knows athletes trash talk, but this clash of the titans is truly epic. Check it out:

Tom Brady’s “B & E” Incident 

Manning was referring to a little incident where Tom Brady made headlines in Tampa last month. The QB accidentally walked into a stranger’s home when trying to pay a visit to Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

Unfortunately for the former New England Patriots star, he got mixed up and walked right into the home of Lefwich’s neighbor instead!

“I literally was just sitting here and I watch this tall guy just walk into my house,” the neighbor told TMZ.

“He didn’t even look at me. He just like dropped his duffel bags down on the floor and just kind of like looked up at me and I’ll never forget the look on his face.”

Brady was not actually arrested for this incident, but that has not stopped his buddies from using it to poke fun at him ever since!

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This ‘Champions for Charity’ golf tournament is going to be a welcome distraction for the millions of Americans who have been in lockdown for weeks and desperately miss watching sports.

Tune in Sunday, May 24, at 3 p.m. ET on TNT, TBS, truTV and HLN to watch Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson battle it out on the golf course.

No doubt these champions will leave it all on the golf course. And hopefully raise load of cash for COVID-19 relief in the process.

It’s exciting to see that these guys are already gearing up to have a blast with it!