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Jordan Spieth
April 18, 2022
Jordan Spieth’s infant son Sammy can’t hold a club yet, but he sure looked the part of a PGA Tour caddy with his mom!
Surgeon discusses Tiger Woods chances of a return at Masters in Augusta
As rumors swirl that Tiger Woods may play the Masters next week, a surgeon weighs in on his golf return chances in time for the major.
Tiger Woods HBO docuseries love life affair mistress
Disturbing new details about Tiger Woods’ love life will see the light of day in a new HBO docuseries “Tiger” which premieres January 10.
Jay Cuter Jack Nicklaus Trump endorsement athletes Twitter NFL PGA backlash
October 29, 2020
Liberals hit below the belt after Jay Cutler (NFL) and Jack Nicklaus (PGA) publicly posted their endorsement of President Donald Trump.
Kid Rock John Daly Trump presidential debate Nashville
Kid Rock and John Daly brought celebrity status to the presidential debate audience as guests of Trump, plus Nashville afterparty video.
Golf legend Tiger Woods just defied the anti-American left by showing up for the first day of the PGA Championships wearing an American flag face mask.
Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson Champions For Charity golf tournament
Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are set to join Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson for their charity golf game on May 24, and the trash talking has already begun!