CBS Brad Edwards war on ice cream man Mr. Freeze 911

A CBS reporter in Chicago is being slammed online after his story about an ice cream man in the suburbs. Brad Edwards of CBS Chicago is upset that Mr. Freeze is spreading some joy by bringing a frozen treat to home-bound kids. Edwards wants it to stop and he’s even going so far as to instruct people to call 911 if they see “that ice cream man.” So in on fell swoop, CBS Chicago basically just declared a war on ice cream, joy, and small business.

Many members of the liberal media are relishing the restrictive stay at home orders. They enjoy whipping up controversy where there isn’t any.

CBS Chicago certainly went to the extreme by using scare tactics to take a scoop of joy out of the hands of little children. The reporter declares the ice cream man is breaking “COVID-19 protocol.” 

CBS Chicago’s War On Ice Cream

CBS’ Edwards reports that Mr. Freeze isn’t maintaining social distance while exchanging his goods for money.

Guess what, Sherlock? Neither is the cashier at the grocery store!

This reporter has firmly solidified his position as the Mr. Scrooge of summer! Not to mention, the grim reaper of small business.

“Here’s Mr. Freeze, (not his name), unmasked, ungloved, taking cash for cones,” Edwards cries in the mockable news report.

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He even attempts to shame Mr. Freeze for having a permit that was issued before the pandemic. The permit is still valid but that doesn’t matter to CBS’ Edwards as he leads this war on ice cream.

Mr. Freeze was not one to sit there and take the reporter’s abuse.

“Why are you trying to take ice cream out of the hands of children?” Mr. Freeze replied to the aggressive reporter. “Are you sick? … I’m not sick either, so why are they quarantining healthy people?

The shocking segment aired on Thursday night. It underscores how tone deaf the mainstream media is with regards to these stay-at-home orders.

People have lives to live. Small business owners have livelihoods to protect.

You can watch the unbelievable scene below. 

Children and Coronavirus

CBS’ Brad Edwards is still being mocked for this segment.

As conservative commentator Ben Shapiro points out, children are the least likely to feel the medical effects of coronavirus.

They are very effected by the stay at home order and the ice cream man provides some normalcy.

But, the media wants none of that. They want the ice cream man locked up!

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As much as the media wants summer to be canceled, it’s not going to work.

Ice cream brings joy to the masses. Ice cream sales sustain a small business.

The media gestapo will never win against the ice cream man. 

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