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Origins Of The Rock’s People’s Elbow, Matt Hardy-AEW Contract News

You might not believe how the The Rock's People's Elbow came into existence, but we have that story! Also, Matt Hardy reveals some AEW contract news.

Triple H has given fans a bit of insight into how The Rock’s People’s Elbow came into existence, and you might not believe it. Also, now that Matt Hardy is settling into AEW, he’s spoken out about how his contract situation stacks up.

Origins Of The Rock’s People’s Elbow

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the People’s Elbow? It’s one of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s signature moves, after all.

Would you believe the move was actually concocted as a rib? Specifically, Johnson pulled the move out of his bag of tricks at a match as a way to try and get The Undertaker to crack up and break character.


At least, that’s the word from WWE COO Triple H. Hunter spoke to TMZ Sports recently and revealed that the maneuver was put out there by The Rock as another attempt at getting The Phenom to break character during a match.

Of course, the move was super popular pretty much in an instant. It didn’t matter if it did or did not make The Undertaker crack up.

Looking back over the interactions in the ring, plenty of Superstars have tried to make Undertaker lose it in the ring-including Hunter.

If any actually succeeded, I am hard pressed to remember one. Still, it is kind of crazy to think that one of the more famous finishing moves in recent history began it’s life as a rib.

Matt Hardy-AEW Contract News

We all know that Matt Hardy ditched WWE and headed over to AEW earlier in 2020. Now, we are getting a glimpse ad some Matt Hardy-AEW contract details.

Hardy recently spoke with the WINCLY podcast, and he revealed some flexibility that his AEW contract affords him.

Matt Hardy using AEW to leverage a new contract?

Matt confirmed that if he wants to, he will be able to work a limited schedule overseas, such as with New Japan. In addition to working outside of All Elite, his contract terms do not prohibit him from making outside appearances or signings.

Coming from a WWE contract, this new way of doing things has to feel like a breath of fresh air for Hardy. He’s excited to be a part of an up and coming company with fresh talent for him to work with, and without any restrictions he’d have had back in WWE.

It’s also safe to bet that Matt Hardy in WWE could have have the match Hardy in AEW just had.

And, as fans have observed, they feel we are getting a freer Matt Hardy now.

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