Meghan Markle Thomas privacy lawsuit

A legal expert is speaking out to warn Meghan Markle that she is likely in for a “big battle” against her own father, Thomas, in court if she continues her privacy lawsuit against a British newspaper for publishing a confidential letter she wrote to him.

Meghan Markle’s Lawsuit Drama Ready To Escalate

Amber Melville-Brown, head of media and reputation at legal firm Withers, spoke to Fox News about Markle’s lawsuit. She says that the legal drama will only get more intense if the case proceeds.

A courtroom clash is inevitable if Meghan and her father Thomas Markle must testify against each other.

“The big battle is going to be between Meghan and her dad. That will be horrible for both of them, I suspect,” the expert said.

“This case is all about if [Meghan] had a reasonable expectation of privacy. This means she’ll have to give evidence as to what she did with the letter and the impact [the publishing of it] had on her. The court won’t know how deeply distressing this is to her unless she gives evidence.” 

Meghan is currently suing Associated Newspapers for copyright infringement. As well as misuse of private information for publishing a personal letter. A letter that she says was meant to be just between her and her father, Thomas Markle.

Melville-Brown said that Meghan has already “overbaked the litigation cake” by taking news coverage too personally, adding that even if she does end up being victorious, it won’t stop the public from being fascinated by her life.

“Meghan and Harry have made it personal for them. Harry already had a completely understandable hatred of the press because of the role he believes they played in his mother’s death. It’s clear the couple has gotten to the end of their tether, but making the case personal doesn’t mean they can win the war,” she said.

Legal Expert Issues Warning 

Melville-Brown went on to warn that in order for Meghan Markle to succeed in her infringement and privacy case, she will have to be prepared “for all the publicity that comes with it.”

“When you bring an action for privacy invasion it’s sometimes a dangerous thing to do. Meghan and Harry have painted themselves into a corner because, as they’re attempting to gain control of their image and protect their privacy, she will also have to speak to it,” the lawyer said. “She is opening up the possibility of being cross-examined in open court.”

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Meghan Markle’s Privacy Lawsuit Hits Setback

This comes weeks after Meghan suffered a defeat in court when the judge struck down her claim that the publisher behaved dishonestly and drove a further wedge between herself and her father.

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Melville-Brown said that this was “more than a slight setback.”

“The first win in the war is an important one,” she said. “Psychologically, it’s very important as a litigator because it sets the tone for the case.”

Meghan might be second guessing a hard press on her lawsuit given recent developments. And she can’t be happy at the prospect of a big showdown in court against her dad, Thomas Markle.

If Meghan Markle chooses to proceed with her privacy lawsuit, it seems things will get very messy.

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