Meghan Markle setback court lawsuit press involving Thomas Markle

Meghan Markle suffered a major defeat in court today that has been branded a “humiliation” by a top legal expert as she continues to sue the press for publishing a letter she wrote to her father Thomas Markle that she says was meant to be private. 

Meghan Markle Gets Bad News From Judge

Daily Mail reported that a top judge dismissed large parts of Meghan Markle’s lawsuit against Associated Newspapers as “irrelevant,” including her claims that there was a malicious media “agenda” against her.

The judge also “struck out” Meghan’s allegation that journalists acted dishonestly. Allegedly causing her and her father Thomas Markle to become estranged by “digging up dirt” to portray her in a “negative light.”

Mark Stephens, a partner at Howard Kennedy, said that today’s rulings were an “absolute victory” for the press after the judge threw out “significant ill-advised parts of her claim.”

“For Meghan this judgment is a like a train ploughing into a petrol tanker on a level crossing. It is a complete disaster. She’s been humiliated today. Every complaint by Associated Newspapers has been completely and utterly vindicated by the judge,” he said. 

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Experts Say There Is ‘No Chance’ Of Meghan Markle Winning In Court

Stephens added that top London lawyers poured over Meghan’s claims and concluded that “there was no chance of her winning”. He added that she was either “poorly advised” or ignored warnings when Meghan Markle filed her lawsuit.

“She would be well advised to settle and walk away,” he said. “If it goes to trial the evidence of Meghan and her father Thomas about the letter and their rift would be examined under oath. If she is going to be humiliated in person there will no worse outcome for her.”

This comes after the judge ruled entirely in the press’s favor, defending their right to publish the letter. 

“I do not consider the allegations in question go to the heart of the case,” the judge said.

“I have struck out all the passages attacked in the application notice. Some of the allegations are struck out as irrelevant to the purpose for which they are pleaded. Some are struck out on the further or alternative ground that they are inadequately detailed. I have also acted so as to confine the case to what is reasonably necessary and proportionate for the purpose of doing justice between these parties.”

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Just Drop The Case Now

Given the fact that Meghan comes from the United States, where the press has total freedom to publish letters such as the one in question whether they are “private” or not, it has always seemed odd that she filed this lawsuit in the first place.

Given today’s ruling, she might want to drop it now and save herself further humiliation going forward.

Because it certainly seems like Meghan Markle is not going to win this one. 

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