Little People Big World Matt and Jacob Roloff claim arguments staged

“Little People, Big World” star Matt Roloff admitted some news that might surprise some longtime fans. In an Instagram Live chat, the patriarch admitted that some of the TLC reality show is staged for dramatic effect. Jacob, the youngest Roloff son, mentioned this during his exit from the show. Now, Matt is confirming it.

Loyal watchers of the “Little People” now are left wondering what’s real and what isn’t. 

Jacob Roloff’s Exit From “Little People, Big World”

At the time of his 2016 departure, Jacob pointed to the producers creating false family drama as a way to boost ratings of the reality show.

Many just believed that Jacob just said that because he didn’t want his life to be broadcast on television show.

But, he was apparently correct. 

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“For the sake of ‘the episode’ and ratings I’ve seen a lot of STORYLINES drawn up (loosely) about our lives,” Jacob said about the “ridiculous talking points” LPBW producers gave family members to mention during filming. 

All reality television shows probably aren’t completely real, “Little People, Big World” is included in this.

Matt admitted as such this week when he discussed a recent scene that showed him putting up a border fence/wall to divide the farm between Amy and himself since they are now divorced.

Apparently, that was staged to promote tension.

As you can see in that clip below, Amy wasn’t thrilled with Matt’s decision. 

Matt and Amy Roloff’s Wall Argument

Matt now claims that was manufactured by TLC producers for the LPBW audience’s entertainment.

He said to his Instagram followers: “It’s all just sort of poking each other in the rib to create some drama.”

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During an Instagram Live chat, Roloff cited the April 14 episode during which he wanted to put up a wall on his farm, prompting a heated discussion between him and his ex-wife.

But did he and Amy really disagree over what this prop ought to be called?

Nope. Not really.

“When Amy and I argued about whether it’s a neck or a flag lot, we were just trying to make television,” Matt now says.

“We know that those are the kinds of arguments back-and-forth that create interest and people like to hear.”

“Unfortunately, some people don’t get the humor in all that,” Matt continued on this topic.

“And they take it really seriously, they get mad at one of us.

Three Roloff Children Left “Little People”

So, this was not something they actually argued about. They were acting.

Now, it’s easier to understand why three of the four Roloff children no longer participate on “Little People, Big World”.

It’s hard enough having your life broadcast without having family fights orchestrated by Hollywood producers. 

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