Amy Zach Roloff on-camera engagement announcement

“Little People, Big World” fans got a surprise while watching this week’s episode. Amy shared news of her engagement to Chris Marek. The couple have been dating for three years so the news shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. But, it was son Zach Roloff who appeared to be thoroughly disgusted when he heard the news. This episode was must-see reality TV for fans or families with similar concerns. There is a lesson to be learned here!

LPBW Matt And Amy Roloff’s Divorce

The Roloff family at the center of TLC’s “Little People, Big World” went through a lot of changes in recent years. 

Most notably, Matt and Amy’s divorce changed the entire dynamics of the family. Then their kids got married and started families of their own.

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Now, Amy and Matt are quite literally dividing up the farm. Matt is physically creating a border wall to mark whose side is whose.

Remarriage can prove difficult and a touchy subject for children at any age. It’s understandable to be upset when dealing with so much change. 

LPBW Amy Roloff’s Engagement To Chris Marek

A bride-to-be is typically excited about her engagement. But Amy attempted to be nonchalant with her news even though she was obviously excited.

The family matriarch sort of tried to slip the engagement announcement into the conversation, but son Zach was not about to join in on the celebration.

The mother of four was clearly disappointed that Zach and Tori weren’t happy for her. 

“I’m engaged,” Amy told Zach and Tori.

“What?” Tori responded as Zach sat there in silence with an upset look on his face. 

“Chris proposed to me yesterday for our third-year anniversary,” Amy explained. “Well, you guys are shocked.”

This is isn’t the first awkward moment between the LPBW stars. Amy had a major faux pas last year when she announced on social media that Tori and Zach’s daughter was a little person. 

BACKSTORY: Amy Roloff Reveals Tori And Zach’s Daughter Is Little Person In Now-Deleted Video

The grandma-to-be quickly deleted the video after people pointed out she spilled the beans before the couple did. But it was too late. Countless fans had seen it.

This was news that parents should reveal and Amy stole their thunder. Perhaps that led to some tension. But, Zach also objected to something else about his mom’s engagement.

Zach Roloff’s On-Camera Reaction To Amy’s Engagement Announcement 

Yes, Zach certainly was shocked. But the problem might not be with Amy’s pending marriage to Chris at all.

Zach claims that his stunned and rather disgusted reaction is because he objected to being told this huge family news as the “Little People, Big World” cameras rolled. 

“I told my mom and dad, ‘Hey, these are one things I don’t want to talk about on camera, my one out of bounds is your guys’ relationship and if that relationship goes anywhere else beyond where it is now. I don’t want to be surprised by any news of those relationships on camera. And then she went on camera and surprised me with that news,” Zach later said. 

“We’ve been doing this for 15 years and I’ve showed some of the most difficult and awkward moments of my life. There’s just been one thing that entire time that I’ve asked my parents to do with me in private and my mom couldn’t remember. It’s like, no, I’m not putting up with that,” Zach continued.

Children usually want their parents to be happy, but everyone has to be sensitive in these situations.

It’s a big jolt to learn this news, even when the children are adults. Respect is key as you can see in the “Little People, Big World” clip below. 

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