Kurt Angle’s WWE Status, Mike Tyson Surprised AEW

kurt angle's wwe status

We all thought Kurt Angle was cut loose during WWE’s April purge, but after he was on NXT this week, what is Kurt Angle’s WWE status? Also, Mike Tyson surprises AEW.

Kurt Angle’s WWE Status

We were told that Kurt Angle was among the many names cut loose during WWE’s massive April purge. However, the Hall of Famer worked Wednesday’s NXT show…so what exactly is Kurt Angle’s WWE status?

According to the Wrestling Observer, Angle is still released and in his 90 non-compete period. However, WWE saw an opportunity to make use of him, and he complied.

kurt angle's wwe status

Wednesday’s NXT guest spot was not even Angle’s only WWE work for the week. The Olympian also was in a segment on SmackDown announcing the arrival of Matt Riddle to the blue brand.

In fairness, Angle is not the only released WWE Superstar who has continued to work for the company after being cut.

Most notably, Drake Maverick has enjoyed an incredible run through the Cruiserweight tournament. In addition, Drew Gulak has been spotted on SmackDown as recently as this week.

With Angle in particular, it stands to reason that WWE likely does not wish to see him show up for a certain rival program. While he is still not back under WWE contract, it’s clear the door is very much open.

If neither the company nor the individual was interested in a reunion, his appearances this week just don’t happen. Given that Angle was involved in revealing Matt Riddle to SmackDown, might we see more of him in that role?

It would be interesting to see Kurt Angle serve as an on-air adviser. Perhaps he is the catalyst to forming some elite technical wrestling stable?

Mike Tyson Surprised AEW

“Iron” Mike Tyson is a former heavyweight champion. He’s a unique individual, and one never knows what Tyson will do.

That was underscored this past Wednesday when Mike Tyson surprised AEW.

Tyson made an anticipated appearance on the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite. He surprised AEW by showing up with an entourage.

As covered by the Wrestling Observer, the expectation was for Tyson to confront Chris Jericho. Not in the plans was for Tyson to walk out with a massive entourage.

AEW Mike Tyson

Of course, Mike Tyson does whatever he wants to do, which on Wednesday meant the former boxing champion came out with plenty of friends.

While having things go off script probably wasn’t ideal for AEW staff, surely they had to know that Tyson could be a bit of a wild card.

More important, if AEW wanted to get attention, then this likely worked. Mike Tyson has been getting plenty of press lately as it was, so his AEW involvement just means more eyeballs, assuming it works out.

For a young promotion, more attention is a good thing. Considering how crazy and charismatic Tyson has shown himself to be, it will be interesting to see just what else AEW has planned for him.