Jim Cornette Claims Jim Ross' legacy is ruined because of AEW

Jim Cornette is known for his controversial statements. And it’s no different this week as he claims Jim Ross’ legacy is being ruined by working for AEW. 

Destroying AEW’s Stadium Stampede

Cornette crucified AEW's stadium stampede

Cornette had a lot to say about AEW this week and he didn’t limit it to just criticizing the work of Jim Ross. He also ripped on AEW’s Stadium Stampede match.

During an episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, Cornette quickly commented on the Stadium Stampede. He referred to the match as “garbage,” “f***ing horse drivel,” and “cesspool” among other things.

Dragging Jim Ross Down?

Cornette claims Jim Ross' career is being ruined by AEW

Cornette claims the match influenced Jim Ross’ legacy negatively. In fact, he made the following colorful statement during Drive-Thru:

“Let’s face it, you know Jim Ross knows, I haven’t talked to him after this, probably won’t talk to him for awhile after this, but he knows this is garbage. There’s two ways to look at this. He signed to do a job so he’s going to do the f*cking job and he’s not going to f*cking come out and bury the shit on the air. That’s being professional. Or there is being professional enough to go, ‘You know what, I’m not going to ruin my goddamn legacy and my standing as the greatest announcer of the modern era by being remembered for calling this f*cking horse drivel.’ And he should go home and f*cking apply his many talents to doing his own thing instead of f*cking letting these people drag him into the goddamn cesspool.”

Best Match Of The Year?

The match got praise from fans and superstars alike

Jim Cornette’s opinion is clear on the matter. But, obviously fans and even wrestlers do not feel the same way.

In fact, the match has been named as one of the most spectacular of the year. 

Chris Jericho, Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) and countless other wrestlers praised the match on social media. 

While there was some controversy surrounding the pool segment, fans enjoyed the match thoroughly, too. So, one could argue that Cornette’s statements are unfounded.

Jim Ross Remains A Legend, No Matter What!

Jim Ross remains a legend no matter what he does

Jim Cornette is an opinionated man, which is why we would bump heads in real life quickly. While I agreed with him on some stuff in the past, this time I think he is way off, much like his comments about Becky Lynch were ridiculous. 

In my very humble opinion, Jim Ross’ legacy is pretty safe from here on out. Even if the match was bad, which it wasn’t, Jim Ross remains one of the most iconic people in professional wrestling.

You can’t think about wrestling commentators without thinking of the legendary man that is Jim Ross. Cornette says things for shock value sometimes, but his claim that Jim Ross’ legacy is ruined by AEW is definitely untrue.

Jim Ross’ career in professional wrestling spans back to 1974 where he conquered a position in broadcasting for the NWA Tri-State territory. Interestingly, he worked as a referee until 1977, after which he became a member of the broadcasting team.

Ross’ career truly took of in the WWE, which he originally joined in 1993. Nevertheless, Jim Ross’ legacy spans much further than World Wrestling Entertainment alone.

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