Jim Ross On Telling Vince McMahon About AEW

– All Elite Wresting (AEW) is a combination of some unfamiliar names and those that have been on TV for years or decades. One of their biggest additions was Jim Ross to the announce table. 

Ross had worked with WWE for decades, taking part in some major storylines along the way. The past few years had seen him phased out of TV, only making a few appearances along the way. Before Ross took AEW up on their deal, he went to Vince McMahon. Ross spoke about his jump on Grillin JR, noting that both parties thought it was best for the WWE Hall of Famer to move on.

‘[Vince said] “Well I can’t match that.’ — ‘Well you can match it, you can match it, but you won’t match it, and nor would I advise you if I was in my old roll, to match it.’ Let him go.”

When Cody was asked moths ago why Ross was coming to AEW, he replied because ‘he’s Jim f—ing Ross. No word on how long Ross’ current deal with AEW is for, but he seems to be there for the long-term. 

– After a disappointing match against Goldberg at Super ShowDown (due to the WCW star suffering a concussion early in the bout), many thought Undertaker’s quick turnaround was for people to forget about the match from Saudi Arabia. Really, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated stated the Extreme Rules tag match alongside Roman Reigns against Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre was planned before Super ShowDown.

Undertaker told WWE that McIntyre was one of the superstars he wanted to take on in 2019. Considering how Undertaker is best used when opposite younger talent, McIntyre seems like a great choice as it will help elevate his career. Pairing Undertaker with older talent in his past few matches has not helped anyone.

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