Jeff Dunham's grandson resembles Walter

While Jeff Dunham doesn’t look like your typical grandpa, he certainly fits the stereotype of being incredibly proud of his new grandson. Dunham shared a picture of adorable little Harrison that has everyone talking. People can’t get over how Jeff Dunham’s grandson resembles his puppet Walter!

The beloved ventriloquist informed fans last October that his daughter Bree and her husband Eric were expecting. As the tweet below details, it was a joyful announcement that the family was expanding and adding a new generation to its ranks. 

Jeff Dunham’s Grandson Smiles Like Walter

Like any proud grandpa, Dunham has been showing off little Harrison. Last week, he tweeted a picture of his newborn grandson looking a bit grumpy.

Of course, his adorable face drew a comparison to Dunham’s curmudgeonly sidekick Walter. And the ensuing comments didn’t disappoint.

“How awkward will Christmases and holidays be at your household then?,” writes Twitter user Lisa Marie Knipe.

Another user decided to take a dig at Elon Musk, “Your daughter should’ve named him Walter XD.”

Walter’s charm, of course, is that he is charmless. He says whatever it is on his mind.

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Walter doesn’t have a filter and he certainly doesn’t care about your feelings. Plus, he wears a permanent scowl on his face, much like the one sported by Harrison in the tweeted picture above.

Even when Walter is wearing a surgical mask, you can tell he is grumpy. Walter is not the type puppet that spreads sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. 

While Jeff Dunham has a plethora of puppets, Walter has to be one of the most recognizable.

We all have a Walter in our lives – someone who doesn’t look on the bright side but always makes us laugh. That is why he is one of our favorites!

Walter Has A Soft Spot For Children

Harrison is likely to grow up knowing Walter well. While the curmudgeon might like to gripe about his wife, he does have a soft spot for children.

In a hilarious 2017 video which you can watch below, he babysat Dunham’s twins, Jack and James. He’s skilled to do the same for Harrison, so with some luck that will happen too. 

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Walter also melted when he met then 12-year-old Darci Lynne Farmer right after she won “America’s Got Talent.”

The young ventriloquist was excited to meet Dunham, but when Walter shows up anything can happen.

He was on his best behavior, proving that Walter will make an excellent babysitter or friend for Harrison.

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Congratulations to Jeff Dunham and his newly expanded family!

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