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Hulk Hogan Offered WrestleMania Match, Renee Young As A Manager?

At one point, Hulk Hogan was set for a WrestleMania 36 match. Also, Renee Young would like to manage and already has a superstar in her sights.

We all know Hulk Hogan is always looking for one more WrestleMania match and he almost got his wish this year. And, Renee Young sees money in managing Elias.

Hulk Hogan Offered WrestleMania Match

Hulk Hogan is always trying for one more WWE match. His favorite time to get fans riled up is WrestleMania season.

Typically, fans ignore Hogan because retirement should have happened at least a decade ago. But, every year, fans get their hopes up.

Apparently, those faithful to Hogan almost got their wish for WrestleMania 36. If a few things did not change, there was a chance Hogan would lace up those boots one more time.

According to Wrestling News, Vince McMahon was thinking of letting Hogan win one of WrestleMania’s traditional matches. McMahon wanted Hogan to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. 

Hogan and Andre were good friends, so the booking would have been a way to honor both legends. The battle royal has lost value in recent years, so a Hogan win could have brought new life.

Wrestling News went into further details on the plan.

“The idea was he wouldn’t take any bumps. We would work it so he would only have to eliminate one or two guys. At the end, he would get his big celebration at the end with his music. It would have been perfect because he lives in the Tampa area.”

With COVID-19 wrecking havoc across the world, the match was not possible as that would be too many inside the ring at once. Therefore, WWE did not host the match for the first time in seven year.

While WrestleMania still came from Florida, it was moved from Tampa to Orlando. There, WWE taped both nights of WrestleMania 36 from their Performance Center.

Hogan’s Current Status

Hulk Hogan Pushing For WrestleMania Match
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This August, Hogan will turn 67 years old and his days competing are over. In fact, considering all the back surgeries, Hogan should have retired 15 years ago.

In wrestling, a superstar can compete in a match without ever taking a bump. A few punches by Hogan and a big boot would be plenty to get the crowd flipping out.

And do not forget, Hogan was blacklisted by WWE for several years and recently returned. Comments from a leaked sex tape featured Hogan repeatedly using racial terms.

With Vince McMahon not shooting down the idea, that seems to leave room for another Hogan match. It would be far from a classic, but Hogan is not known to steal the show inside the ring.

Renee Young As A Manager?

Renee Young has worked several positions in WWE. Her biggest was being the first full-time announcer on RAW.

Currently, she can be spotted as the host of WWE Backstage. During an interview with Outkick the Coverage, Renee mentioned how she was open to managing Elias.

“I would love to do that,” said Renee. “It’s something that I’ve always wanted to dabble in.” 

“Before I got to WWE, my background was more in entertainment rather than being a broadcaster. So I think that’s something I would always want to do.” 

“One person I thought for a second would be pitching a thing for Elias. I thought it would be really fun to be his band manager or something.”

Elias is still looking for something to do on SmackDown. He has been feuding with King Corbin, but that has not done much for his career.

Elias’ best moments are when he sings to the crowd. Unfortunately, there are no WWE crowds and that hurts when trying to get the character over.

As for Renee, she remains busy with her hosting gig. She has other adventures like a podcast and watching over husband, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley.

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